More Eye of Judgement Screenshots

Graphically the Eye of Judgement isn't as intensive as some of the other PS3 titles, however, that doesn't mean that the game is a visual slouch. The character designs are well done, and some of the effects during spells and attacks are great. Eye of Judgement is a turn-based magic card game where you bring cards alive using the EyeToy.

Anerythristic266185d ago

Is this for the PS2? These screens better be real early , I mean real early.

andy capps6185d ago

Screenshots look nice, this game looks a lot better in motion for sure.

Marriot VP6185d ago

this has been a moment inside of a fanboy with blind faith in Sony

andy capps6185d ago

Out of your last 10 comments, 3 have been accusing someone of being a fanboy. Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? Hmm? If I think this game looks nice, I have the right to that opinion.

Marriot VP6185d ago

nope, your assuming that this game looks better in motion based on what....your undying love for anything PS3??

PS360PCROCKS6185d ago

lol why is their an achira and aricha

ACE6185d ago

it gets worse ,,,, thats terrible

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