Report: Retired NFL Players Plan to Sue EA, Madden

His days of calling NFL games on T.V. may be over, but John Madden's retirement might not be as idyllic as he had hoped.

According to a report on former Oakland Raiders lineman Dave Pear's Blog, NFL retirees are planning to go after Madden and Electronic Arts, publisher of the best-selling pro football game which bears the former coach's name.

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II Necroplasm II5152d ago

“Why, John Madden? Why did you screw all those retired players over, you seemed like such a friendly, good-natured buffoon?”...

dktxx25152d ago

Why the hell sue madden? Its not like he has anything to do with the game. He justs let them use his name.

STK0265151d ago

It's clear that MAdden personnally asked for the retired players to be screwed, he most likely also asked the association to block T2 ahh, and he most surely also the cause of all cancers.


Diselage5151d ago

They'll probably get something out of this but i'm guessing it'll be a settlement.

doshey5151d ago

well lets see where this goes

Turntable Jack5151d ago

there is a game politics website?


dcbronco5151d ago

I'm surprised they didn't go after them in the original suit. And while they got 28 million out of the players association, who didn't really get much from the deal, they are going to make a killing off of EA and Madden. It's a shame that he could sit in that both talking with admiration about those players and stab them in the back all the while. They should be able to get between 200 and 300 million from EA and Madden. And they should. A lot of these players get screwed on their pensions and could use the money. I wish the former players luck.

dktxx25151d ago

Even if Ea did screw these guys over, (which they didn't really, they just inappropriately used their images kinda sorta, screwed implies malice) John Madden had nothing to do with it. He most likely didn't even know about the historical teams.

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