Playstation Store - a European analysis

Eurogamer have a look at the offers from the Playstation Store.

"After months of having our grubby noses pressed up against the glass, Sony has finally opened the doors of its online PlayStation Store here in Europe. Quite handy, really, because now we don't have to engage the sun in combat every time we want an official demo.

What's even more useful is the fact that the downloadable games are all on special offer until 23rd May, meaning you can grab the likes of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for GBP 6.99, Lemmings for GBP 3.49, and Blast Factor for GBP 3.49. Yesterday, Sidhe Interactive confirmed that GripShift would also be available from today, priced a mere EUR 7.99. Microsoft take note. And while Gran Turismo HD Concept isn't really sure if it's a demo or a game, it most certainly is free - and excellent."

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Contra265169d ago

sony store is crap.

just like in real life