PS3 Sells Out... Malta, and other PAL-wide PS3 titbits

In case you hadn't noticed, at 12.01am this morning, PlayStation 3 was finally launched in PAL territories around the world - places like France, Africa, New Zealand, and even our little island of England.

While - thankfully - it didn't trigger the sort of apocalypse-like drama of last year's American launch day madness, there are still more than enough quirky tales to fill your average news ticker.

PlayStation 3 sold out in Malta, and was the fasting-selling gaming brand in the country's history, with all 250 of the consoles sent to the small island snapped up almost immediately. Can Xbox 360 make the same boast?

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techie4760d ago

lol 250 consoles hehe

ASSASSYN 36o4760d ago

Wow, 2 I mean 250 consoles sorry off by 248. That is amazing. I mean they pulled of a wopping sale. I can`t imagine that many consoles sold that fast. It is...great. Way to go there sony.

TheMART4760d ago

Hahahahahaaa in Malta

OMG that's too silly to bring news about. Enough money there, all mafia and only such a small number consoles. Go search in the rest of Europe/Australia.

2.1 million PS3's sold including Eu sales, 6 million shipped. 3.9 million on the shelves!

gooner4759d ago

why the hell do you keep embarrassing yourself.even i feel sorry for you 2.1 million sold including eu sales.................
6 million shipped..............

ever thaught all that time you spend cussing ps3 u could be working to actually buy one but i guess your not very smart

FordGTGuy4759d ago

I'll give you a pat on the back.

happygamer4758d ago

peeps thats a small island. it done good.

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The story is too old to be commented.