Microsoft: Plenty of PS3 stock due to both high supply & low demand

In a recent interview, Microsoft's head of gaming UK revealed that he believes there is a lot of PS3 stock at retailers due to high supply AND low levels of demand. The respective executive also expressed disappointment at Sony's launch title offerings, with most being available on Xbox 360 regardless.

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smitty4755d ago

well there are plenty of 360's around for sure.

PSN Starfleets4755d ago

That is also true. Good point.

But then again..over 10mil are in people's homes so I dont think MS is crying

gooner4755d ago

some where between 8-9 mil 360s are in peoples homes 10.4 million SHIPPED
i was a 360 fanboy but decided not to buy one because of stupid people in ms like this.i cant wait untill the ps3 outsells 360 to wipe the stupid smirk of their faces

PSN Starfleets4755d ago

I want to my highstreet. Number of PS3's sold. One.

Here's a pic I took aswell outside a store there. The message made me laugh

Killer Cop4755d ago

When a standalone Blu-ray player cost more than a PS3 I guess it's cheap?

Violater4755d ago

Play your games and enjoy them.
While fanboys fight which is better the 360 or the PS3, the Wii is kicking both their asses (in sales)

Killer Cop4755d ago

always throwing mud!

"My console is better! The other sucks! BUY MY CONSOLE IT'S MUCH MUCH BETTER! JUST LOOK AT IT! IT'S BETTER!!!" Is what I hear.

PSN Starfleets4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Just gaming. That's why im in the 360 boat for the moment.

360 is the better gaming console right now hands down. And thats what meant to matter to us gamers, right?


Hardly anyone knows what Blu-Ray is yet. Who would? Hardly anyone here in the UK can afford a HDTV set nevermind those 1080p ones that can be a downpayment for a house. No wonder why stores have to sell the PS3 as a movie system first, gaming system second. No one can justify such a price for a console made for gaming only and the customers with the cash realise this.

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