Sony boss attacks 'lazy' press and defends PS3 price

The PlayStation 3's relatively high price in the UK is down to "the cost of living" as much as anything, according to Sony UK managing director Ray Maguire, who also suggested that negative coverage of the console had been "lazy". "The old adage of never let the truth get in the way of a good story is probably more prevalent than it has been before," he told

Comparing the US and UK prices of the console (US$ 599 and GBP 425 respectively), Maguire told that whereas the US was a "massive land with cheap people", the UK was "a little island where rent and rates are at an absolute premium, and the cost of people is a lot more".

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techie4316d ago

This has to be the worst quote ever " the US was a "massive land with cheap people", the UK was "a little island where rent and rates are at an absolute premium, and the cost of people is a lot more". "

Dear oh dear.

darx4316d ago

The thing is expensive, there is no justifying it! Lazy press...?

Says you4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

And plus the reason why XBox 360 is cheap cause it would break
down for no reason at all and you would have to buy another one
there has been more break downs for XBox 360 than PS3 and further more
people are just wasting there money again if they keep buying the
same game console that is going to break down on them the 2nd time and I live in the same country you are in Monchichi025 dumbass.

Monchichi0254316d ago

What was that that you said "Says you?" Can you please repeat that, I couldn't understand that the first time.
Oh wait, you only have one bubble, hmmm wonder why.

Stop hating on America. Is it our fault we have more options then your country, giving us reason to be cheap. But whatever, we all know everyone always shoots for the ones on top, which my friend is still the United States.
And show some damn gratitude, because if wasn't for us your ass would be speaking German right now fool!

Dlacy13g4316d ago

Excuse me? Kiss my @ss you ignorant fool! You call us cheap... please look up and understand your facts....

Which country donates the most money to 3rd world country's and disaster relief year in and year out. We are always the first country to jump in and offer help. You call us cheap...shame on you.

We push for cheaper prices, we push for the best deals not because we are cheap but because we understand value. PS3 is over priced...Sony knows they are too high with their price otherwise they would have never cut the published price in Japan prior to it even being released!
We have a enough crap pushed at us as Americans...we don't need to buy and over priced game machine. Lower the price Sony....lower the price.

Imknow14316d ago

To thank your fan base in Europe, you issue them a dumb-down version of the US/Japan PS3 with a higher price tag? That is not living Mr. Maguier, that is not living :D

overrated4316d ago

only low life americans care as always just look at there profiles they are all fuking americans silly wankers.

anyway add me lets go play the PS3!!!!


shikwan4316d ago

How can you have a "Gamertag" when PS3 uses a 'Playstation ID'?? Your hypnotized by MS and don't even realize it. Sony may have you on the surface but MS has you hooked, subliminally.

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The story is too old to be commented.