UK Stores Reporting Potential PS3 Sell-out

Although the PS3 launch hasn't been the mad scramble we saw when Wii was released, retailers in central London are reporting steady sales on the first day of the console's availability in Europe, with some anticipating a sell out over the weekend.

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Giro4764d ago

Maybe I'm just missing all of the PS3 adverts but I seem to remember there being a hell of a lot more adverts on TV for the PS2 in UK when it was first released "Welcome to the 3rd place" and all that.

I suppose they're relying more on the brand to sell itself this time they're assuming that most people will already be aware of the PS3 and its release date.

Violater4764d ago

Sadly enough they expected them to sell out on launch day, so saying they expect them to sell out by the end of the week isn't really saying anything much.
I bet if singstar was a launch title this would have been a completely different story.
The games are coming we know, but man its all taking too long.
IMHO i think Sony should wait till fall and roll out on all cylinders.
Don't release any of their premium titles until then, Have Rumble, Home, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet, Kill zone 2, Sing Star all drop like a tonne of bricks at the same time. Then followed my MGS4 FFXIII.
For summer Lair, Warhawk and the Multi platform games should hold us over.

fenderputty4764d ago

simply because I couldn't afford all of those at once. lol

Husso4764d ago

UK got the same number of units USA got on launch day. Uk has 1/6th the population, WTF did you expect.

you all need to wrap you brains around the fact thet if PS3 launched in the US with the same number of units per person, it woud have launched with 1.32 milllion on day one!

Kyur4ThePain4764d ago

you're very wrong.
Didn't Sony specifically say that their goal was to ensure enough consoles for the launch? How do you accomplish that AND sell out at the same time? Idiotic.

overrated4764d ago

i dont add me


r10004764d ago

I'm going to add you tonight...

PSN= R1000

legend in Motorstorm

Sargent Major in Resistance

I know I suck... but I'm in the middle of buying a house... haven't had time to play...LOL

Gamer134764d ago

Ive call alot game store and they said the still have PS3 in stock, sadley im not getting mines till end of 2007 when good games or on the console, ps3 asn,t got much games as yet.

IM OUT...///"""

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