Ace Combat Gets 16-Player Support

While IGN's earlier report on the game included preliminary details on the type of online play Bandai Namco is working into the title, the website has managed to clear up one burning question: player count. The game is being developed with a target of up to 16 player simultaneous play.

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ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago

Getting this game is like dropping a massive sweaty I just ran 6 mile teabag on sony`s fat head. That is pure PWNAGE at it`s finest.

By the way I like to officialy announce my clan Hell-Jumpers...excuse me my squadron HELL-JUMPERS will be ready to condut full air operation at launch of this game.

r10004758d ago

how was this article about ps3/xbox

The article is just talking about the game itself.

Anyway this is just like the psp... it had 8 on 8... I think playing this on on a bigger screen should be fun..

ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago

You have no clue what has been going on with this game. Do you?

Balance4758d ago

wow this game is looking awsome. does anyone know when we are supposed to get it?

bigcookie120004758d ago

im very excited i loved this game on the ps2 one of the reasons i owned a ps2...i fell outtA love with it when i could play all my xbox games over live and i could only plat it over split screen............IM VERY VERY HAPPY one of my fav games the way I want it.

G_CodeMonkey4758d ago

Definitely a day 1 purchase. gCM

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