Shadowrun Multiplayer Beta Test Frag

Since the initial news that Microsoft bought FASA, many gamers got excited at the idea of a new Shadowrun game. After a few years of silence from the company, we finally have our new title in the form of the first cross-platform FPS for the Xbox 360 and PC. GameInformer spent a solid week with the Xbox 360 version's beta and got a good grasp on what Microsoft has in store for gamers. But is it really Shadowrun?

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ASSASSYN 36o4762d ago

I will just say I rather this game was a massive on-line rpg not a shooter. It has it`s moments of fun though.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4762d ago

The beta although has only two maps is very fun and addictive to play and your magic/tech/weapons choices are astounding.