Microsoft Support Enabling Account Abuse?

Loose lips at the Xbox Live support service may be the reason behind the recent streak of unauthorized online account usage, according to Computerworld.

The report outlines a technique in which account abusers call up support staff claiming to have a problem with an Xbox Live account. From there, the crooks try to weasel out information that would lead to access to another person's account. It often takes more than one call, but piecing information from separate conversations is a cinch for persistent abusers.

The gaming clan "Infamous" is quite brazen about its willingness to gather other players' account information through the process referred to as "social engineering" or "pretexting."

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Foulacy4318d ago

yes this is how accounts are hacked, i've been saying it all along thank you Computerworld. It doesn't take a genious to know that you can't protect someones information with another person!