Why Video Game piracy is killing itself

pwnordie.com: Lately I've been considering piracy, no, not the high seas plundering and looting, Jack Sparrow kind, but the kind where people are downloading game releases via torrent and other means. What these people don't seem to comprehend is that they are, in effect, bringing about their own destruction. Not by the way you might think, as in being caught or prosecuted against, but by the might of the games companies simply making it pointless.

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mpmaley5572d ago

Legit: 18,000
Torrent Downloads: 102,000


Sarcasm5572d ago


I'm curious about the ratio of Xbox360 games.

We know the legit sales numbers, but I wonder what percentage is the pirated copies.

zagibu5571d ago

It's still a mistery to me how they count those "torrent downloads" in a peer to peer network.

DominusRebellis5571d ago

I like to download and not seed it after...just because I can haha a$$holes

evrfighter5571d ago

this games made for playing multiplayer. The lack of single player campaign makes it not even worth pirating...If this game's sales/pirated ratio is used in the future by developers as an explanation of why they are no longer making pc games. I wouldn't be upset. Most pc gamers need a reality check.

Proxy5571d ago

Release on PC, you get pirated.

Release on console, you'll entertain the renters for a weekend.

Whatever happens, we'll always have indi developers on PC. :)

FarEastOrient5571d ago

I'm surprised the PS3 hasn't been hacked yet!

XxZxX5571d ago

hahahaha those guy never been to asia yet. China and south east asia esspecially, 98% pirate 2% legit. And the legits are viewed as stupid idiot.

Diselage5571d ago

Demigod is just sad, makes me wanna go out and buy it just to support the poor guys.

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Software_Lover5572d ago

But I always buy them.

I downloaded Oblivion when it first came out. Played it for about 2 hours. I had rented the ps3 version and played it a little bit. Last Week I finally bought Oblivion (pc) goty edition once it reached my pricepoint. Now Im 20+ hours in. I love that game.

I also downloaded psp games, but only the ones that I had a disc for so that I could put them on a memory card and play them without having to keep all those discs with me all the time. All torrent downloads aren't a bad thing. They need to see why people are downloading them.

mpmaley5572d ago

For people that download, I believe you're in the minority.

Sarcasm5572d ago

You might just be the rare case.

I'm pretty sure there are hordes of people who download simply to not pay for the games.

And that's not exactly a hard thing to believe.

STK0265571d ago

I usually buy my games (for PC, 360 and obviously PS3), but when it comes to the PSP, I just don't feel like it anymore. I've had one since launch (and actually bought another one when the slim launched) and bought games for it for years, about 50-60 of them, and most of them were hardly worth playing, so since about a month I've been downloading games for it, and I plan on only buying the really good ones like Dissidia and Persona.

tlassanske5571d ago

By downloading a full version of the game (I don't think any demo gives you 2 hours of play), you added your download to the tally of "lost sales" due to piracy - even if you DID eventually buy a copy.

Also, you should consider the fact that the game developer makes most, if not all, of his profit off full-price sales (at bargain-bin $20 prices, everything goes to the retailer and the publisher). If the game had not been available to you through piracy, you may have actually decided to pay the full $50 to experience it (impulse buy). So you only stole $30, rather than the full $50 (due to eventually buying it) - it's still piracy.

QQcrybaby5571d ago

If a company doesn't want you to be able to dl the game to try it out then you have no legal right to do so. Rationalize any way you want.

UltimateIdiot9115571d ago

But without privacy, Software lover might not have bought the game. It works both way, piracy can also generate buzz aka free advertisement.

agentace5571d ago (Edited 5571d ago )

or i buy the game 1st(for a console) then DL for PC like godfather 2, all GTAs and stuff but i always buy the game the day it comes out at its full price so im not ripping them off..i hate ripping off companys that make great games,i brought Uncharted twice becuase it was so good lol and i Never buy 2nd hand games thats just a big kick in the nuts for devs

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Snatcher5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

Who eats crap over webcam to get money aka Xbox owners, since they don't buy games, they pirate them. Mwahaha.

TheMART5571d ago

I think you just got it twisted up in your mind.

The PS2 was pirated so much by PLAYSTATION fans, that one of the best games, God of War 2, only sold what 2 mln. copies or so while there are 120 mln. + PS2's out there.

Oh and

360 has a game attach rate of 8.3 or so
PS3 has something close to 5.6

Thus: it seems Playstation fans are either or into cheap pirating stuff a lot more, or just don't buying games if they can't pirate it (PS3)

steve30x5571d ago (Edited 5571d ago )

I used to argue that DRM was the main demon for Pirating but with Demigod being pirated so much I cant argue that any longer. I think people are just getting too greedy now. Theres no excuse not to buy DemiGod. Now Riddick is one case I will say Pirate the hell out of it until they fix that overkill DRM. I am willing to buy Dark Athena as soon as they patch the DRM or release a revocation tool.

All of the games I own I either got a demo for it or downloaded it from torrents because there was no demo and if I liked the game I bought it but if I didnt like the game I deleted it completely.

Baka-akaB5571d ago (Edited 5571d ago )

I agree with you , but do not forget one quite important thing .
Many reviewers or people who played it , think that the game is pretty but blows ...

Dawn of war 2 and Sin of a solar empire were even more pirated , and sold far more ... because they are very much beloved .

xabmol5571d ago (Edited 5571d ago )

Advertisers will shell out loads of cash to get there name and/or product out there to the masses. Modern games like GTA, Burnout, and Mirrors Edge can easily have in game adds without interrupting gameplay. Other games can do things like have a McDonald's loading screen or have power ups like The Doritos elixir or the Coca Cola healing potion.

There are lots of ways to turn piracy into just another means of profit. Imagine having the option to buy the game add free. Or download the game from a commercially sponsored site with lots of adds and some in game advertisements.

We just need a paradigm shift.


As for the law about piracy right now. I think it should be based on yearly income.

For example:

If you make enough money to easily afford a few games, movies, and CD's every month you can go to jail and/or pay a fine for your act of high sea treachery.

If you barely have enough money to pay your bills and buy food(like me) you should be allowed to pillage a few wandering ships. Just don't go overboard.

There should also be a middle ground. For instance: I have a wall of DVD's that have been purchased legally but I also download a lot of movies too. I simply don't have the money to buy every move that is released. Heck there is more movies and TV shows being released every month than there is time to watch them.

QQcrybaby5571d ago

Punishment based on yearly income? You're very, very ignorant.

kingme715571d ago

but what if you get a raise before you stole the item and that raise puts you above the threshold for going to jail, but you haven't yet gotten the paycheck so technically you are still below the threshold? Hmmm... I think if you can work out that kink your system is foolproof and should be sent to Washington for immediate enactment.

xabmol5571d ago

Thanks for your input. Care to elaborate?