Even More Bullet Witch Screens

Yes it is a new week and once again we have even more screenshots of this goth-action title!

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Mantook6186d ago

way to spell!! Pretty sure it's bullet witch?

USMChardcharger6186d ago

unless they have corrected the spelling since you posted, you just spelled it the same way.

ZeroTolerance6186d ago

I was pretty sure when I spelled it correctly myself the first time. Oh and way to capitalize!!

Krimson6186d ago

It wasn't spelled correctly, you put "Bullet With".

andy capps6186d ago

Looks like an Xbox 1 title to me. Not just saying that to start a flame war, it doesn't look half as impressive as some of the other shooters on the Xbox 360.

silent ninja6186d ago

btw what type of game is this

PS360PCROCKS6186d ago

I agree thats what I was going to say, needs major work still, not horrible but could be alot better

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