PS3's French Debut- A Total Disaster: 95% of Consoles Left Unsold

Oh, Sony, Sony where art thou? Europe apparently doesn't want Sony's expensive PlayStation 3, with the French organizers describing the Paris launch of the PS3 a "non-event".

As expected, Sony fans here in Europe turned out to be not so "true-blue" to their favorite brand, some of them starting to bash Sony for its "infatuation" and for the high price established in the PAL areas for the PS3.

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bigmack5204d ago

Its like this website (N4G) hates the PS3. All i see is BASH after BASH.
whats up with this website man. are you all sony haters...geez

BIadestarX5204d ago

This site hates the PS3? Ohh it is no hate, it's fact. They PS3 didn't sell how do you want to spin that? If you are not convinced. Try other sites like joystiq and kotaku... ohh wait.. they are reporting the same thing.

Kyur4ThePain5204d ago

Funny, I read just the opposite on this very same site.

sabbath4205204d ago

These are the facts buddy. Sony keeps screwing there public, the true gamers umongst them are finding it harder and harder to justify the lies and false hopes from sony. france got screwed and they are letting sony know they don't like it. I thought Americans had more spine then the French.

nix5203d ago

but yeah... more people likes to talk bad about it. i was just reporting the news and i like PS3. if i hadn't someone else anyway would have.

one good thing about this site is we have good numbers of PS3 supporters who are level-headed.

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i rule5204d ago

And i want to see the sony fanboys spin this one into a positive

fjtorres5204d ago (Edited 5204d ago )

"Its just the French! What do they know!" ;-)
They like Citroens and Jerry Lewis!

benihya5204d ago

Ubi Soft is french, so that make the french pro gamer like US and UK

VirtualGamer5204d ago (Edited 5204d ago )

The only one guilty of spin is the writer of the article. He headlines PS3 launch a disaster 95% of Consoles Left Unsold. Well its accuarate if you take only the numbers that where sold at the one location 50 out of 1000, if those are to believed. However he did say another location sold under 300 so thats what 20 to 30% depending on the actual number. Not to mention with everyone know how many systems where available and all the preorders why would anyone show up at midnight ravinous to get one when they can simply go in the next day and pick one up? Lets wait till the offical sales numbers come out before resorting to sensational headlines clearly distorting the facst only to drive trafic to your website so you can make money :P

Merovee5204d ago

Unlike every other system release including Sony's stateside / JPN release the was a crapload of them. Most people who were going to get them just preordered and picked them up instore.

Be hard to have 95% left if 60% of the countries allocation was preordered wouldn't it:

Chalk it up to shoddy journalism.

anthonsh5204d ago (Edited 5204d ago )

I'm sorry to say it, but although this article is a little harsh, at the same time, I dont think its harsh because the writer hates Sony. I think its harsh because he was so disappointed at the poor turnout. I had a feeling the Eurpoean launch wouldnt be the resounding success that everyone was predicting. After all, who could be happy having to wait like that? And with the bad news about the console, I have a feeling a lot of people just didnt wait. Even with "bad sales" though, this will help Sony close the gap, although maybe not as much as they had hoped.

Edit: I'd like to add, it isnt unreasonable to quote the numbers from the launch near the Eiffle tower, right? I mean, that had to be their flagship launch in France.

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The story is too old to be commented.