Bethesda Did Jack up PS3's Oblivion

Looks like the folks at Bethesda Game Studios done a good job enhancing Oblivion for the Playstation 3, the textures are crisper, both up close and off in the distance (thanks to a re-worked LOD system) the lighting on the weapons is far better and it seems like the pop-in distance has been upped a few notches.

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PSN Starfleets4757d ago

Some of the pics of the PS3 version are alot sharper than that of the 360 in comaparison.

But then, in some of the images, the PS3 version looks washed out, lacking colour in comparison to the 360 version.

xfrgtr4757d ago

THANK YOU,tell that to Themart and he's going to tell you that a "fictional" graphical patch for 360 is coming,hahahahahaha!!!!!!

fjtorres4757d ago

Do you mean the "fictional" version 1.2 Oblivion patch that was released last night over XBOX Live and that I played on for two hours yesterday?
That "fictional" patch?

BIGBAER4756d ago

Seriously, I thought Oblivion was beautiful before, but WOW!!! The lighting, colors and textures are improved greatly! I can hardly believe how much better the patch made everything look.

I can say this: the side-by-side comparison was was not made with the upgraded 360 version. No way! I watched that video very closely; the updated 360 version I have on my HDTV now is far, far better than either of the comparitive views: the old 360 version and the new PS3!

Amazing improvement!

Bowie fan4756d ago

I told this guy yesterday that the 360 patch was out. Why do PS3 fanboys only hear what they want to hear?

bigmack4757d ago

They just proved that they did better. Even with the new update for the 360, PS3 still looks better.... in your face..

dachiefsman4757d ago

@bigmack you know what your right....I am sure that my experience would have been much improved if I would have played it on a PS3....I mean there is obviously a huge difference and not being able to see the grit on a brick really sucks.....

But wait I didn't have to wait year and a couple months to play the game...AND the story is exactly the same!

nambo4757d ago

Those pictures were posted yesterday. They released the 360 and PC tweaks today so the pictures are not comparing the PS3 to the 360 with the upgrade.

BIGBAER4756d ago

Better than the un-patched, upgraded 360 version. Not better than the patched version however... not as good in fact. Close... but not quite there.

Robotz Rule4757d ago

Thanks GaMr,I'm going to go out and buy it tomorrow,because I'm too busy playing Motorstorm today.

ThaGeNeCySt4757d ago

well what do people expect bethesda to do with a year + extra dev. time? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.