Star Trek Legacy Interview has posted an interview with the developers of Star Trek Legacy.

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Marriot VP6454d ago

star trek's over, quit beating a dead klingon

Anerythristic266454d ago

If you look past Star Trek licensing you'll see it is actually a ship to ship strategy game. These are ships with large crews that can take a beating. Imagine commanding your fleet against your friends fleet on XBL , fun , no? Also the Star Trek license is great for this game you have to admit the ships are cool as hell.

6454d ago
Dick Jones6454d ago

What do I care about a game engine? I don't make games, just make it fun.


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TechnoBrain released new screenshots of its add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Tokyo International Airport (RJTT), commonly known as Haneda Airport.

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The full version of "Tank Operations: European Campaign" is now available for PC via Steam

"The Magdeburg-based (Germany) indie games publisher 2tainment GmbH and Mönchengladbach-based (Germany) indie games developer Linked Dimensions, today announced with great joy and excitement that the full version (v1.0) of their turn-based WW2 strategy game "Tank Operations: European Campaign", is now available for PC via Steam." - Jonas Ek, TGG.