Microsoft Ozymandias Laughs at PS3's Memory Use

Microsoft's Andre 'Ozymandias' Vrignaud is asking some interesting, if Microsoft-centric questions, such as how much memory is reserved for OS on PlayStation 3.

So, apparently, all of the Xbox 360 system information (dashboard/online) fits into 32mb, resident at all times. Pete Isensee at Microsoft comments of the alternative: "For comparison, PS3 developers have to deal with a system that has memory split into two 256MB banks, one of which is reserved for graphics only. A large portion of both the memory banks are reserved for the system. On top of that, games that want to support other features, like friends lists or in-game commerce, take an additional memory hit."

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BIadestarX4757d ago

Ok, fanboys proceed to flame the guy. eventhough he is right.

Silverwolf4757d ago

read the comments they posted on his blog. He already got pwned by someone who KNOWS what they're talking about.


Parveen Kaler comments: "That is very one-sided analysis. There is a space vs. speed trade-off here. The PS3 doesn't require as much memory for certain tasks. For example, progressive meshes are a viable technique on the [PlayStation 3's] SPUs, whereas it is not very viable on the 360's cores." Later on, apparently blocked from commenting more by NDAs, he comments: "My final point is that this argument is all overblown fanboy fodder. This particular issue is a speed bump not an iceberg. Both systems have pros and cons. Developers will exploit the pros of both systems and mitigate the cons of both systems." Nuff said.

When MS and Sony employees talk instead of developers I see it as a complete pile of crap. You should do the same!

slugg4757d ago

This Parveen guy is full of it-- how is it he KNOWS what he is talking about? Ozymandias works for MS and everyone knows that, but this Parveen guy "can't reveal more due to NDAs on both sides." Yeah, sure, whatever. Fact is, this issue was known/discussed before the release of the PS3, and as of NOW is not a critical issue. But if Sony gives devs the option of supporting certain features based on whether or not they are willing to take the memory/performance hit, then some WON'T support them, whereas the 360 makes all features required and universal across games-- a better system, albeit one that you have to pay for as an XBOX LIVE subscriber. This is evidence of the trade-off Sony made to keep their online network free. So, as a consumer, you have to ask yourself, would I rather have a fractured online experience for free (not all online games have same features) or a unified one that costs $4.17 a month?
(You can argue til you are blue in the face that the PS3's supposed more power makes this irrelevant, but since no one has seen this supposed advantage in action yet, no one is buying it. Less memory available for the game is less memory, period, and more memory is important enough to developers that when asked if they would rather have more memory for the 360 or a HDD in every unit, every developer asked went for the extra memory.)

Silverwolf4757d ago

You might be right and you might be wrong. The thing here is like you JUST posted "Ozymandias works for MS" so why would I have to believe anything this sh!t head has to say? MS and Sony are trying to sell consoles ever since the first next gen console was released, the opposing teams have made it a fact of criticizing each others so called weak points. They've only praise the Wii due to the fact that the Wii is aimed at another segment of the market and they don't see them as a threat (even though they should). I just ind it funny how people take any of these clowns word for the truth. At least Parveen was pointing out an aspect of the PS3 that Ozymandias was purposely leaving out.

slugg4757d ago

I get that Ozymandias works for MS, so that prejudices your desire to believe him because he has an agenda; he is not going to point out the things the PS3 does better, obviously, but focus on what advantages the 360 has. BUT in the entire, long, miserable PR bull$hit battel between these two companies, I would have to say that Sony has been the ones with egg on their faces and responsible for more BASELESS attacks on their competitiors (including Nintendo, which, even though I personally will never own a Wii, I was happy to see handing Sony their A$$es in Japan since Sony said the Wii was "Irrelevant." NOW Sony praises the Wii, but MS did all along.[wii60?]) Fanboys and company men have ALWAYS touted the advantages their company/product has over the competition; (in another Sony egg-on-face moment, they dismissed the ipod when it began to challenge the discman as "a fad, nothing more.") But this particular issue was disscussed before both systems were out, the 'new spin' is the fact that adding serivices like marketplace and friends' lists take up more memory on the PS3 to implement, while still being covered by the already smaller memory useage on the 360. It just seems like Sony is playing catch-up trying to implement features its competitor already has (for instance, now that they have settled with Immersion, rumble isn't so "last-gen" anymore), but it cuts into the percieved advantage of their system; i.e., more power. Power doesn't matter (or the XBOX would have trounced the PS2 instead of the other way around), but the PERCEPTION of power, and Sony's insistance that they have the more powerful machine this time, and how it is used, does matter. Many a fanboy will point to Gears of War as the best looking videogame ever, so therefore the 360 is the most powerful, or at least the "best", next-gen machine. So after MGS4 comes out, will things swing the other direction? Graphics have always been one of the easiest ways to show which system can do more, but is it an accurate indicator? Oblivion on the PS3 looks slightly better than the older 360 version, but is it because the PS3 is more powerful or because the developers have had an extra year to work on the PS3 version? And isn't there going to be an upgrade for the 360 version (separate patch or included in Shivering Isles download, I can't remember) that upgrade the 360 version to be the same? Anyway, my point is that Parveen does not dispute Ozymandias' observations, just claims they are irrelevant. But the game developers are the ones whose opinions matter, not company men or fanboys, so lets see what they have to say.

ASSASSYN 36o4757d ago

For some reason xbox 360 games look better, play better, and conduct more features at the same time. Just can`t figure why myself...wait I know available memory is higher so more memory allocation can be applied to to maintain graphics and various operation used in dashboard. Like multiple downloading, friend lists, and voice chat all at the same time.

Leo Atrox4756d ago

Not all Xbox 360 games look better than their PS3 counterparts. "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" is a good example. You might be able to attribute the better graphics in the PS3 version to having additional time to tweak the graphics; but regardless, the PS3 version does look better.

I know that's beside the point that you were trying to make; but I just thought I'd chime in on that one.

caffman4756d ago

there is a patch on 360 version of Elder today. So I'll hold fire with disagreeing with you till I've seen what the patch has done

D R Fz4757d ago

How Sony would comment concerning the issue of memory and whether or not the ps3 is still a better system despite its memory 'limitations'.

power of Green 4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

Everybody knows PS3's memory's split and is less capable than the 360 i wont waste my time posting a webs worth of links.

Silverwolf I'm sorry your 360s broke but this is a non debatalbe issue.

Silverwolf4756d ago

or the Wii for that matter. Hell I think they all have something unique. But corporate A-holes nikpicking each other is what get's on my nerves. PS2 didn't have much memory and yet look at GOW2, it's all in the developers hands. Both systems will churn out great looking games and that's all people should care about. Hell I loved the 360 as long as it was working that is.

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