iTWire Interview: Doug Smith, Art Director X-Men Origins: Wolverine

iTWire writes: "A new X-Men movie means a new opportunity for game developers. iTWire spoke to Doug Smith at Raven Software to talk all things Art Direction on the cross platform X-Men Origins: Wolverine project.

iTWire: Working with an existing franchise, as an Art Director on such a project, did you find this restrictive?

Doug Smith: No, that's the great thing, our team found it extremely freeing. I think the Marvel guys in particular are very flexible with their license. They said; "you guys know what you are doing, you have made games for us in the past, so really have fun"

I think the big challenge was tying it into the movie, making sure we were faithful with the direction, ensuring the story elements that the movie was trying to go towards were represented.

But in terms of the visuals, our team went nuts! We had a lot of fun with, how can we make this character more vicious? How can we make this action scene bigger, where the player feels really gratified after taking down a 20 foot monster?"

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