Sony's E3 2009 Press Conference Could Be The Biggest In History & A Turning Point In Software Perception

Twiggy, PushSquare.com: "I've been sat here pondering on a topic for today's Opinionator for a couple of days now. While I was going to talk about Killzone's irritating emphasis on terrible characters, I've decided a discussion on E3 would be ever more prevalent, particularly with Sony's superman John Koller claiming it to be the most important conference in 11 years for Sony. I'm still yet to be convinced that blockbuster games equal mainstream hardware sales, but I am convinced that blockbuster games will equate to niche hardware sales - the niche being us, the gamers, who cannot stand to go without. And that's exactly why I think E3 2009 could be a turning point in perception for the Playstation 3."

A balancing argument on why Sony's E3 2009 conference could provide the turning point for gamer's perception on the Playstation range, concluding in:

"Instead of those in the loop questioning what Sony don't have, they'll be questioning what THEY don't have - a Playstation 3, PSP and access to all the quality content that Sony have in the pipeline."

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KingKionic 5282d ago

So...i guess the big three this year ,are going show something big.


Bnet3435282d ago

I'm not falling for this. Just your typical PR bullsh*t. In fact you'd be a dumbass to fall for this. Just wait till E3 and that's it.

poindat5282d ago

Well, in any case, it should be better than last year's E3. There is plenty of great announced and potentially unannounced exclusives from Sony, Nintendo hopefully has listened to their fan base from last year, and we have almost no clue what Microsoft will be getting up to.

It's going to be good - hopefully.

ShabzS5282d ago

well they must really have something up their sleeves to say something like that .... best e3 in 11yrs?... you dont say that unless you absolutely have something to brag about... this e3 is going to be good

Bnet3435282d ago

I know it's not the same, but I remember when Microsoft said they had the biggest announcement in gaming history. It turned out to be the Pac-Man championship edition which was basically a remake of Pac-Man. Companies tend to either exaggerate or bluff on these sort of things. Just wait till' E3 nice and calm.

sinncross5282d ago

I think the difference between your explanation and the PR from Sony is that Sony do indeed have something big to show off.

Look at it from this perspective: the 2009 PS3 lineup is pretty impressive atm and easily the best of the 3 this year. N and MS will obviously announce new software to counter Sony's 2009, however, Sony have already stated countless times that at E3 they will be showing new software, for both PSP/PS3, for 2009.

Sony's E3 is getting so much talk about because what can they possibly add to a good looking year of software and we are talking about titles not even announced as of yet.

I am certain all three will be good this year (Can Nintendo really do worse then last year?) but Sony's announcements are going to be important to see how they are structuring themselves against 1st and 2nd place for the remainder of 2009.

ZuperAmazingCooKie5282d ago

But they probably will. I hope I'm wrong though.

It's good to keep things quiet, because otherwise you could set expectations too high. GDC07 was epic because Sony kept their mouth shut until the last minute, it was some guy named Moledina that broke the silence but that wasn't Sony and he didn't say much, only that Sony fans would be "happy", and Harrison delivered.

Freak of Nature5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

I think that it is a given that this show will be big....

Most people here know the long list of games coming.And these games will be at the show in some form,be it teaser trailers,full blown cinematic movies and or playable demos...

The show will be big,just how big will only be determined by unannounced heavy hitters.

Team ICO and the SONY studios in Cambridge,London,Liverpool all of which have very large groups of devs and have been working on projects for more than 2 years or so could finally unveil.GOW3,GT5 can show major new details and cinematic masterpieces and release dates.

Then Kojima can announce a game or two (Dare I say it)...Wardevil is another game that can make the entire show that much bigger.PSP2 will also play a big part in this show,just how big?Details on Home.Price cut? That too can determine the impact of the show.

All this or just some of it added to all we already know, will be at the show,the 1st party games and the multi-plats could very well make this "HUGE"...

This will be my 11th E3.And after the past two,I am really geared up to see the show come back strong.I am always in hopes to see that one incredible surprise megaton,like the one I saw at GDC 07' with LBP.Perhaps Media molecule come in show some LBP PSP,some extra downloadable content for LBP and then give us a major surprise,a glimpse of an all new IP....You can always hope,and these are the things that can make this show huge....

How about Insomniac,is it possible they show us a new IP (that rumored act/RPG platformer) from their new NC studio? Maybe a teaser trailer/concept art within the Ratchet & Clank Acit showcase....

Hey Sony want to drop a real megaton? Just show Uncharted 2 in detail and then announce Jak 5 for PS3.Yup the show just got bigger.It'a all conjecture,but some of it will stick,and I do believe make it a massive show for Sony...

Nintendo? Kid Icarus,Mario and or Zelda make their show.These games beyond whatever else they show casual or hardcore will make or break their show IMO...

Microsoft? They will have multi-plats.But to help them stand toe to toe with SONY they need to show exclusives.Whats Rare going to show? KI,PD,Conker,Kameo2,a new IP? Perhaps 1 of them for the Fall,and the other for next year.To go along with something for the casual World,Microsoft know real well where the ca$h is.

If they show Allan wake,and it is indeed a show stopper,along with Splinter cell,Forza 3,ODST and Mass effect 2 they will be vindicated.Throw in some new out of nowhere unannounced 1st party IP and they will stand tall near Sony,I dont think as strong as Sonys line-up,but strong enough.Only a good thing for us PS360 owners...

Lots of conjecture,and if's and coulda's and ??? But some of this will happen to go along with the already known 20 or so major titles coming.I think it will be big no doubt,but can it be ("HUGE"?)

N4g_null5281d ago

Man reading these comments reminds me of nintendo fans back when it began struggling. What happened to the sony fan that believe this will be the year of the PS3?

Has the hardcore fan realized how small there group really is yet? Or better yet how splintered their group is because what is hardcore to you is not hardcore to every one.

The best thing SONY could do is to start making games that make people want to try other types of games instead of the ones that have dominated gaming in the HD realm so far.

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ultimatek15282d ago

Building hype for sony!!! hmmm, reporters doesnt learn and doesn't tire of the same thing. The didnt learn about killzone overhype failure, a perfect example. As i said once, building too much hype can cause the opposite effect on the buyer, from a possible inversion into be scare from investing on console or game. Let the time account the announcements, news or success, and not mediocre articles with out solid proof of anything. Remember E3 last year, nobody saw what MS did, did MS build overhype? NO. Lack of information isnt equal to lack of titles, marketing or capacity. Most game reporters dont even know what they're talking about, the just comment in base of popular thinking. If they really knew whats incoming, the story would be a hell different.

Being desperate for publishing things without valid sources and solid proof of the statements of a report, only cause misconception in potential buyers, and puts them far away of the possibility of investment. i said the killzone 2 was an example, sony reliaed in onlline marketing and hype, but didnt work to create a true scenario of a great incoming game, the decition to let reporters and game websites to manage marketing and hype for the game failed to capture investment. Buyers need evidence and proof, not hanging words on articles and reports. Killzone is a great game but is Sony's own fault for the failure in sales. A game like it, could have sold over 4M and not 1.1M(officially confirmed up to now).

Let the gamers decide, what will be great or not, not reports or articles, building hype from air, so then when deception comes, they go fast an tell Sony lied, and they are sad cuz didnt see this didn see that, it wasnt announced, for Christ sake, if game media creates such conception then they should accept they role on failure and not acuse companies.

Game media, every day talk about PS3 price drop, then when that comes, it will be ablow to MS, they tell it will come next mon th, gamers react waiting for this, then sony said that don't plan a ps3 price cut, then gamers are in deception, whos fault is? Game media. They have been fucxing with the price drop the entire year 2008 and up to now mid 2009. They dont realize they are hurting Sony, when they build hype only to get deceptions on a never ending cycle up to now, and it will continue cuz my opinion doesnt matter a sh!t.

My advise, wait for official announcements, not buggy articles.

get2sammyb5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

You didn't read a word did you? Fair enough. Essentially renders your point irrelevant.

I would have been happy to discuss it with you too. Come back when you've read the article.

EDIT: To actually clarify that you didn't read, I only read the article once but, from what I read no game mentioned in the article is currently unannounced apart from Team Ico, which common sense says we can assume. All other statements are based on quotes from John Koller or previously announced games.

KingKionic 5282d ago

halo was hyped and sold Very well.

Max Power5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

hello Alex, nice to see your comment twice, once on the article page and once here.

tplarkin75282d ago

A launch title for a new console by a newcomer had zero hype. In fact, there was only skepticism. After the reviews and word of mouth, Halo became a phenomenon.

You can argue that Halo 2 and 3 were not hyped, either. There's a difference between high expectations based on previous experience, and hype without any basis. Motorstorm, Haze, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Uncharted, Killzone 2, were all hyped without any basis. That hype was driven by Sony fans that wanted a killer app. None of those games had predecessors worthy of high expectations.

Diamondwolf5281d ago

Soooooooo.........what you're telling me is that you don't want a Halo Mountain Dew?

pfft not hyped! *giggles like a schoolgirl*

Ok, now, on to the topic. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT expect anything from Sony, trust me. I expected last year, I was shot down. I expected 2 years ago, I was shot down. All I expect now is that they'll announce something that won't be ready until 2012/2013 sprinkled with a few pre-christmast 09 announcements and then the rest is just flair.

The only thing sony did very well last year was the LBP presentation, and that was the hottest thing to happen in E3 2008.

With that said, I am still looking forward to sony's conference, as well as Microsoft and Nintendo, until then. Do not fall for the hype.


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ultimatek15282d ago

I did read it. It said nothing, only possible scenarios, that if they fail will bring more deception to sony fans.

@KionicWarlord222, yeh Halo was hyped, but it was hyped in both fronts, with proof of the game concept directly arriving to thegamer not by comments or articles, that how Killzone, was supposed to be marketed but it didnt.

get2sammyb5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

Please cite a paragraph where a "possible" scenario is mentioned aside from the Team Ico sentence, because I've read it and I didn't see any assumptions really.

Are you telling me you DON'T expect the previously announced God Of War III, Uncharted 2 or Heavy Rain to be at E3?

Are you telling me that you think it's "speculation" that Sony aren't going to bring their biggest games to the biggest games show of the year?

I'd agree it's presumptuous; but in a way that is basically TOTALLY obvious.

ultimatek15282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

1. Title(big in history, how and what will be the cause, anything official?)
2."Pile of games", "software in abundance"- connotation for hyping a slow growing game library(a fact, not a perception), its almost like a marketing statement
3.Gonna CHange at E3- How? With What?
4.So many games dropped at e3- Have u follow past e3 expos?, in fact there are less titles announced than 2005 and 2006, when X360 and PS3 where launching and needed real hype
5. Quality content- Which one, its the same across consoles(and dont even mention Home)
6.Perception has to change- How the fucx, if you didnt said anything and didnt bring anything to the table, not even a official statment or fucxing rumor

Bro im sorry but the article lacks information, itsn't informative, is misleading. The games u said, are officialy announced since PS3 launch, nothing new.

He could have, used x360 ceo comments about PS3 price drop, which in fact reflects the rality of sony corporation, that way, its using conception from air, they aren't baseless.

The whole article is like a letter of desperation from a frustrated fanboys that wish anyone listen to him that the PS3 will change, that kind of letter create the opposite effect, bTW did u read my post/letter?

@KionicWarlord222 (yep haha)

KingKionic 5282d ago

its ok man its just article take it ease.And yes i understand what you meant about halo 3.

get2sammyb5282d ago

I would counter those points:

1) The title states "could" therefore not representative of fact. It's also a follow up to Sony's marketing director who stated it would be Sony's biggest conference in 11 years -

2) At the end of the day, the article is a column clearly focused around opinion, and it discusses the fact that there is "software in abundance" despite public perception which this E3 "could" change. It's a discussion.

3) The article discusses that the "perception" of a "lack of software on Playstation 3/PSP" could change with the lineup Sony have planned this year. Yes, I agree, it's presumptuous of the fact that Sony will bring all their big games to E3 but, are you willing to tell me that they're not going to mention, for example, God Of War III at E3? Because of course they are.

4) Previous E3's have nothing to do with this years E3. That's irrelevent.

5) Don't understand your point here.

6) Reread response 3 in this comment.

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Spike475282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

This E3, I expect Sony to do the same again and show some gameplay footage of GOW3.

I expect MS to show off some exclusives aswell(1 or 2) because it really looks like they need it.

If Sony gives the PS3 a price cut and improves its marketing, the console can defenitly start to outsell the xbox360 again in North America. But again, Sony never seems to learn the "marketing" part.

king dong25282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

and then, we SHOULD all ignore this irrelevant thread until a few months after E3....then we will know if it really was a turning point!

get2sammyb: your trying to hard! especially with the attck and defense of whats obviously your blog.

c'mon, when is this site going to be renamed b4g(blogs4gamers)?

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