First in-game scenes from the upcoming Mafia II

In connection with's preview of Mafia II, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet has released an exclusive in-game video from the upcoming title.

Watch more inside!


The whole translated preview can be read here:

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Ghoul5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

pure awesomeness.

i love mafia 1 its still my no.1 open world game ever.
But this oh my looks stunning, damn i cant wait for this game.

a feast for any mafia games or movies fan.

DelbertGrady5162d ago

This looks to live up to what some of us expected from GTA IV.

Ghoul5162d ago


honestly i was never expecting more from gta4 than what i got with it.
mafia 2 as mafia 1 is another level in mature open world gaming and story telling.

mafia 1 story plot is probably the best movie like gaming experience i ever had.

raztad5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

Guys, I was waiting something different. Graphics are GTA4 level, not impressed at all. Not sure, but game is too much GTA4-ish. Main difference is the theme but even if the story is good (GTA4's story is pretty good btw) I got doubts about how fun the game will be. I mean, if you didnt like GTA4 probably this one wont like you either. I'll pass on this, yet to finish GTA4, unless the game prove to be awesome.

For Mafia fans this is an awesome upgrade by any means.

DavidMacDougall5162d ago

No bullet holes in cars? No shell casings? Regenerating health?

There goes Mafia 1 right out the f**king window. I'll probably not get this now its just going to be the same as the rest of the third person shooters, there ain't going to be anymore hiding from the cops cause i crashed my car and only have 5HP left or i blow up a cop car while i was to close and now i've got to be careful with my top speed driving or i'll be dead, plus i gotta watch the lights and make sure they don't catch me speeding. That made Mafia fun.

Ghoul5162d ago

"No bullet holes in cars? No shell casings? Regenerating health? "

its still in development and shell casing and bullet holes are the last ones to be implemented normally.

regenerating health is awesome but i agree i would love a more container like regen health

like 5 containers where only the one aktiv regenerates so you still will be in situations with low health (1 container).

Blaze9295162d ago

this better be like, early early EARLY alpha doesnt look as good as i thought it would be; visually and just the gameplay overall.

SuperM5162d ago

WTF are you talking about. The game looks great and the graphics are unparalleled. This is the best looking open world game to date, period. GTA4 graphics arent even remotely close to this, you must be blind. This is looking very very hot indeed. This + Assassins Creed 2 are the multiplatform titles im really looking forward to this year. Ill probably get Mafia 2 for the PC. Gonna be a hot year with all the amazing first party titles coming from sony + these games

barom5161d ago

Wow the game looks amazing. Graphically it's asily the best looking open world game. Unless you call Yakuza 3 an open world (the attention to details is just unrivaled).

Anyway it's kinda interesting to see Mafia 2 be compared to GTA IV. Cause while GTA revolutionized open world games, Mafia was the first to go for the more realistic route that GTA eventually went for. So essentially Mafia copied from GTA and GTA copied from Mafia. Anyway just thought that was interesting.

The only thing I think looks kinda bad is the shooting. While it's still better than GTA IV, it seems to go for the Kane & Lynch approach where the aim kinda jumps at every bullet fired. It's still good but I would've prefered a bit more "fun" approach where the aim didn't jump so much.

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free2game3655162d ago

gameplay and graphics look xbox'd

felidae5162d ago

lol. sad sad fanboy.

Mafia 2 looks amazing and i bet i runs 10x smoother on the 360 - like every multiplatform game.

free2game3655162d ago

if you're calling me a PS3 fanboy you're mistaken, I own a PC, not a PS3, and last time I checked, multiplats run best on the PC

Ghoul5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

you both are .... fanboys

Mafia is lead developed on consoles and then ported "later" to pc.
and i HATE playing console games on pc since the controls never match to what it was meant for in the first place. mouse and keyboard arent allways the best choice if a game has a certain weight and feel to the controlls matched to a controller.

"Mafia 2 looks amazing and i bet i runs 10x smoother on the 360 - like every multiplatform game. "

lol i guess i missed something those days are long over. nearly all multi games are now equal with minor improvements on each side.

free2game3655162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

this coming from a game where the develops say they're competing visually with Crysis and have only released PC screenshots and the game running on a PC up to this point? The first game was a PC game through and through and this should have been the same, now it just looks like another "move from cover to cover, pop up, absorb a few bullets in the head and chest, go back into cover, then pop up again a shoot a guy shooter"

Ghoul5162d ago

sorry mate but your only hating nothing more.

stop this nitpicking it looks fantastic.

raztad5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )


free2game is not being a fanboy or hating, I agree with him. The "xbox looks" hes talking about is a plastic feel pretty noticeable in the video. I have the same feel too, perhaps are the textures or the colors, or just the lighting.


Really? Did Devels said they are competing with Crysis? Wow, it seems they just lost the competition and by far. What version is the one showed here? PC? 360? I hope is 360's cause it doesnt look good enough to be a pc game but then this is an open world game.

Shane Kim5162d ago

I agree with free2game and raztad. It looks plastic.

CaseyRyback_CPO5162d ago

Now look at Killzone2,MGS4,Uncharted,Motor storm2,Infamous.
Which all run marathons around any multiplat ever made in the history of console gaming.

So lets see, you have exclusives that literally the 360 could never run. And a PS3 version of a multiplat with less texture filtering when you zoom in 10x...

I wonder which one you use during graphical arguments. Depends on which side of the fence you're on. If you're on the side that has only seen the unreal engine showing off your hardware, i guess you go with the multiplat argument, but then you have to come up with some excuse as to why Bully, a ps2 game, runs at 3fps on the mighty 360's hardware.. Bad code right?

solidsnakus5162d ago

the last time i checked there wasnt any pc games other than a handfull of rts

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II Necroplasm II5162d ago

I'm so getting this. Sound of this game is nice.

talltony5162d ago

good reveiws will make this a must buy.

belal5162d ago

look like what they showed us when the game first debuted, but it looks good though.

Selvin5162d ago

I'm definately getting this on my PS3 at the release date, nou doubt about that :)

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