Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Rachel in Action

The newly playable buxom beauty Rachel faces down some terrible demons in this hot new clip!

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GaMr-4317d ago

Suck it up. You may have lost bragging rights to DMC4. But this is an excellent trade off. This game is amazing and if your a "Sony only" person. You didnt even get to play this game last Gen. So you have more reasons without a doubt to drop the Capcom Petition and Go pick this

techie4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago ) IGN

1080p 60fps is setting the way for other games to follow :P

Arkham4317d ago

But I wonder if they mean full/true/no-kidding-this-time 1080p, or if it's the additional 1080p "support" that people were saying had to be added by the developers.

Still, if it's balls-out 1080p at 60fps, that's great.

kewlkat0074317d ago

Look at them puppies

she reminds me of an "IVY" rip-of on Soul Caliber....

SEAN16174317d ago

the way the Motion and the graphics flow. very nice.

Violater4317d ago

Better than DMC, seems to require more tact than the button mashing of DMC. IMHO

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The story is too old to be commented.