Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Ryu vs. Motorcycles

The gameplay footage of Ryu being attacked by an angry biker crew.

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techie4758d ago

Hehe. It looks really hard. Bikers against a ninja is classic! I hear ninja gaiden has a wide diversity of enemies.

Would have been nice to see the bodies pile up instead of exploding into blood...glad heavenly sword has that for massive battles.

Violater4758d ago

it does look "bloody" tedious, though the graphics and textures look next gen. I think the mechanics and animations don't quite keep up.
To embellish on what u said Deepbrown its no heavenly sword.
And I think I'll be holding out for that killer APP.

techie4758d ago

Violator~: I don't know. Ninja Gaiden is one of the best games in this genre. 9.3 average. I could only hope that Heavenly Swords gameplay lives upto this.

Contra264758d ago

Ninja Gaiden has a ton of enemies..
It's amazing... and the boss design is crazzzy..

who remembers fighting the three red dragons at the beggining of the game....
So sick....

Plus those mercs are very skillful