First PS3 related violence in the UK

A woman has been attacked while carrying her PlayStation 3 home following a midnight launch in Swindon.

Two men are reported to have been arrested for attempting to steal the newly-launched console from the woman who said she had been attacked outside her house on Whitbourne Avenue.

Police confirmed the men were arrested outside Toys R Us in Swindon during the early hours of Friday morning.

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Havince4765d ago

why the heck was she going at midnight, not only that but on her own

nix4765d ago

hope no one gets killed for it. that would be the worst thing.

Neutral Gamer4765d ago

How many people do you see walking out by themselves at midnight holding £425 in their hands? That's exactly the same thing with holding a PS3.

And what is Toys 'R Us doing open that late? Wow, kids really stay up late nowadays!

calderra4765d ago

Stores in Europe are heavily overstocked with (apparently) no shortage of units ready for consumers, and there's ALREADY PS3-related violence? Again? Why? They delayed a year from Kutaragi's initial promise- and in a year, people still couldn't save up enough money? Heh.

Seriously, though- if one mugging is all that goes down on this launch, that'd be a very nice statistic. I can't imagine this is the end, though.

techie4765d ago

Toys r us is a strange place now. I've never liked's creepy lol. My friend bought an upmarket PC from toys r us... Weird.

Oh to be a mugger and get me a ps3 for free.

Neutral Gamer4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

"Oh to be a mugger and get me a ps3 for free."

Mate I forgot to ask, did you pre-order your PS3 and have you actually picked the big brute up yet? I thought you'd be playing on it by now, surely you haven't got time to be making comments?

What games did you decide to buy?

And what the HELL happened to all your speech bubbles? Last time I looked you were on 7 weren't you?

UPDATE: When I wrote this comment you were on 4 bubbles looks like you've now gone back up to 5!

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