PS3 selling faster than Xbox 360 in US

Although sales figures from the United States show the PlayStation 3 is currently being outsold by its rivals, a US based sales tracker has said the machine is ahead of Xbox 360 in real terms.

A spokesman from NPD, a respected sales tracking firm, said, "figures show that the PS3 is selling slightly faster in the US than the Xbox 360 did at the same stage in its release".

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eques judicii4760d ago

but.... wasn't the xbox 360 supply constrained at this time last year??

ps3 may be selling slightly faster overall (although the february figures were lower) from the same time last year, but the supply problems aren't the same and they are just now selling in europe... its like comparing apples and oranges.

r10004760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

OH man what flip floppers.... before when articles like these were coming out....

"It was the xbox is sold more then PS3" and now it's "supply constraints" how convenient...

I don't mean you eques judicii ... but there tons of comments from the biggest pro xbox contributers on this site saying the opposite of what you mentioned...

eques judicii4760d ago

xbox 360 is selling more currently than the ps3, that's a fact, if you look at the NPD numbers for the past 5 months it has sold more each month.

going back to the flipflopper thing, when the ps3 first launched stateside it only launched with around 200,000 units, which was half what Sony said the launch would be and almost half what the 360 launched with. However, in December Sony got its act together and shipped out a total of a million and was able to sell about another half million where the 360 was not able to last year... this had to do with shipment quantity as the demand for both was equal at these respective times (however, worldwide sales are another story as the 360 did launch in europe at this time)

The ps3 also seems to have sold slightly more (like a few thousand units) than the 360 in january (granted it was a 5 week month not a 4 week month like last year... has to do with how the fiscal year plays out) But in February, where the 360 had still been supply constrained, the ps3 was not and sold about 50,000 fewer units. In total yes, the ps3 had a slightly higher yielding launch in the US than the 360, but it waited 5 months to launch in Europe so that it could ship more units to the United states and Japan (mainly for the reason to beat the 360, as stated by Sony Representatives)

I don't think you can call it flipflopping because the ps3 has split the sales record, for 2 months it sold more and for 2 months it sold less, while the total is greater, the track record shows that it was the ps3, not the fanboys, that were flipflopping...

and most of the time, the fanboys were comparing the current 360 sales to the current ps3 sales, which like i said earlier, is probably like comparing apples and oranges.

rayzorn4760d ago

ok i think its funny in your first statement you talk about the bottleneck of the xbox 360 hurting figure in the 1st 4 months. then you go on saying it is just released in the uk, and australia.

then in your next comment you say well xbox 360 is selling better now then ps3.

yeah i agree with you 100 percent but the fact is ps3 is now just available in uk,aus. so why dont you stand up for sony and say well they have less of an audience of course they are gonna have a hard time keeping up with xbox. well i wanna see how month 5 goes and on. because now the consoles are released everywhere. it will be a little more fair looking at the stats then the first 4 months. maybe not month 5 because sony should sell way more then anyone else this month with the release. but month 6 and on should let us now.

this statement isn't against you eques. its just a statement that i want to make a point on because i hear allot of people saying the same thing as you.

dantesparda4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

All you fanboys are both hypocrits and full of crap as usual. You's all wanna sit there, and cry foul because the "360 was supply constrained". Yet, none of you's are mentioning the fact, that, its not a fair comparison for Sony either, because they are only out in 2 countries (except for today when their EU release begins), and lets not forget that we are talking about a more expensive console too. With negative press up the ying-yang, and had nothing but bad press into release and afterwards, and only caught a break for GDC. While the 360 on the other hand is the media's darling, and every site and their mother cant stop siding with it.
So let's not be (360 fans) quick to cry foul. And another thing. You 360 fanboys are way too sensitive. Nothing! and i mean NOTHING! can be said even remote bad about your beloved darling, the 360, without all of you's getting your panties in a twist. And Im one of you's, (a 360 owner) and do not plan on buying a PS3 (especially now with all there last exclusives jumping ship). And if you's dont believe me and think that im some Sony fan, look at my profile, and you will see that i own a 360, and if you notice, have since day one, Nov 22, 2005. Im just not some little kid who is in love with the 360, and think that its the greatest thing on Earth and is so in love with it that i wanna sleep with it (and you know what i mean with "sleep" right? LOL!, and dont hate Sony. So girls, please stop the politicization of video games, its , really, really, sickening. Your country (America) is falling apart, thanks to our beloved President, and all you's care about is killing Sony or killing MS. They are just games you know? Or have you's forgetten that?
Now go ahead and let the flaming begin, I know it will. Take my last bubble away (i know you cant, LOL)

eques judicii4759d ago

guess this is a touchy subject, i lost a bubble and I thought my comments were reasonable. I think there might have been some confusion in my post as to when I was refering to different things so I'll try to clarify.

last year 360 sales in US vs this year ps3 sales in US

ps3 > 360 (not by much)

this year 360 in US vs this year ps3 in US

360 > ps3 (prior to new years very much in favor of 360, but ever since its been a bit closer)

My only point was that through the launch of the 360 in the US microsoft was sending stock to Europe. This limited the number of units that were being shipped to America. During both launches every unit that was put on a shelf was sold, sony just had more units on shelves in the United States. Worldwide, however, I think it was a toss up between the two (just counting each one's launch)

I call this apples and oranges because the systems had different launch strategies and had different supply contraints. Both systems had a number of bad press (three red lights... and sony reps talking themselves into the dirt) but for very different reasons.

I would say that both launches were successful in their own way, and from what I hear Sony is doing admirably in Europe now too.

I'm sorry that I offended some fanboys with my statements, but I'm trying to be honest here, and I'm not disagreeing with the article i'm just giving my two cents.

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calderra4760d ago

Holy cow- you mean when you have an entire year after your competitor's launch to polish your hardware and build advertising, and your launch focuses on only two territories isntead of a worldwide launch, you can manage to sell slightly faster than they did? Nnnnnawwwww....

How about we also compare 360 and PS3 sales for Europe overthe same time period? Let's see... aw,man- it looks like PS3 actually sold 0 units! 360 stomped them big time! really have to take things in perspective.

sajj3164759d ago

Its talking about US sales (NPD), not total global sales. They aren't talking about shipped versus sold, its sold. Its the TOTAL number of units sold given the same time period.

ACE4760d ago

well when all the sony fanboys have one then we will see what happens after that. due to the price it will slow down .

same goes to the europe launch it makes sense .

kewlkat0074760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

After a whole year who would of thought...Remember the shortages with the Xbox360, now you walk into a best buy and you can buy 4 PS3's if you would like to...

We know MS could not keep up with the demand, cause of supply issues. Regardless, there are Still a lot of people without 360's and PS3's.

you'll see a spike in sales when certain games come out, and when it time to finally let go of the original Xbox and Ps2. It's ok to let go.

techie4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

These are figures for the states only. The ps3 is selling slightly more in the states. Though the 360 had an incredible end of 2006.

Well indeed OldSchoolGamer - but I think inferences from any of this is premature. It is very hard to compare at this time, but it is disheartening to hear all this ps3 is selling well when it is comparable in numbers.

One place where the 360 can be doubly sure is software sales - they are quite frankly staggering.

OldSchoolGamer4760d ago

That the Xbox 360 was sold out completely due to shortage until March in almost all places as soon as they hit the shelves and all the way through May in some places. This is not the case for Sony, as you can find them in almost any place in the US sitting on shelves. I applaud Sony for having such a great supply available, but comparing early sales I think is misleading for this reason. Microsoft was trying to get their lack of supply issues solved, and they were small compared to demand for quite some time.

OldSchoolGamer4759d ago

are higher it does seem unjustified. From the states point of view it may simply be a good supply chain and people rack up finding them all over to bad sales. Well, guess we won't truely know anything until this time next year.

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