No-one buys PS3 on eBay

Perhaps expectedly auction site salesman have got rather presumptuous with their eBay prices after the PS3 launch in Europe, marking up consoles to as much as £600 on the site.

Thankfully, it looks like there's no-one out their silly enough or in a remote-enough Welsh village to have to pay for the eBay seller's prices. Though things could certainly change after the consumer troops clean up the last wave of PS3s left in the shops this morning.

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Havince4759d ago

Coz i went in HMV at piccadilly station (Manchester) and they had PS3s in...I COULD HAVE JUST WALKED IN AND BOUGHT ONE !!!!!!!

There was non of that with 360 launch as i got mine release day and for like 4 moths you couldnt get one.

techie4759d ago

Indeed 50,000 Uk launch for 360. Stupid SOny have been stocking up for ages with these ps3's...they should have launched with shortages.

PS360WII4759d ago

Hopefully this will sway ebayers from trying this punk move next gen cycle

Fanboys are gay4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

yea there wont be any boasting about the ps3 sales till next xmas, as who is going to buy one for their kids with that price tag and the fact its not xmas , i think sonys trojan horse is turning out to be their achilles heel

shotputking4759d ago

haha, what a clever use of greek fables...

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