Harrison Hands Out London Freebies

Compared to the recent Wii launch last November, the turnout was a low key. That's mainly down to the fact that there are plenty of units in stock up and down the country. You should be able to walk straight into a store tomorrow and pick one up without a pre-order or excuse as to why you took a day off work to stand in line. Of course the turnout may also be down to the £425 price tag.

Just over 100 gamers were allowed inside Virgin Megastore to be the first in the UK to buy the machine. But Sony made the 24-hour queuing process worth every bladder-bruising second. The first 100 or so in line were given a free 46" HD TV.

As midnight neared, an announcer told the gathering mass that they would get their free telly in the post, presumably so they wouldn't have to walk around the centre of London with 'rob me' written all over them. A 46" HD TV is also too big to carry alongside a big bag of PS3. It took two Virgin staffers to carry one out to a waiting taxi.

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