Sony's PS3 Network plans

Sony has let fly plans for future additions to its online service this afternoon, highlighting what's in store for us at the end of this month and throughout April.

Downloadable games available to play from day one will be bite-sized titles Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Blast Factor, Lemmings, and Gran Turismo HD Concept.

Those following in late March and onwards are Super Rub a Dub, flOw, Go! Puzzle and Go! Sudoku.

All of these will be introduced a knock down rate, an offer that's running until 23rd May.

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Sevir044759d ago

I can really say that Tecmo is giving me a great way to show off the ps3 in way like motorstorm and virtua fighter does... an abosultely brilliant job they did with rebuilding and reworking and retooling their engine. this by far will be on of many new games that will go multiplatform... and you know what... if we get this and they get DMC i'm not so mad at all... this and ninja Gaiden 2 which i know is in development, and i'm quite certain tecmo will see how well this game sells and once they see how awesome this game is doing and sees that this will sell ps3s then vuala, thats the reciept for NG2... and that game will surcome to the dreaded trend of Multiplatform. I cant wait to see what this game will look like when it's done... i know i'll be spending hours on end once it's out... and lair and UT3 should be out right about then as well... perfect timing too. ^^