Europe is "most important continent", says Harrison

Speaking at the official UK launch of PlayStation 3 last night, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison highlighted the significance of the European market - which he believes is key to the console's success.

"This is the third continent out of three, but it is the most important," he told our sister site "It's got most countries, it's the most people, it's the most cultures...

"The fact that we've got the launch here with more consoles shipped on day one that we've ever had in our history is a compliment to the importance of the European market."

PS3 launched in the US and Japan last December, but European gamers have had to wait until now to get their hands on Sony's new console. The official midnight launch took place at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street, with most stores across the country waiting to their doors until this morning.

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FeralPhoenix4761d ago

If Europe is the most important of the 3, then why choose to ship consoles to them last, with downgraded BC and still charge them more?.....just wondering?

techie4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Hm. Europe has always been shipped to last hasn't it? PS1 went to japan before the US and Europe. Same with the ps2...

price wise it's been the same...ps2 $300 in the states, £300 in the UK! But £425 is far to steep...I hope people don't buy it that much so they will see they need to drop the price straight away (by christmas). I think £375 would have been more reasonable, or even £399...but why add on that £25 and get past that £400 mark that is quite hard for our brains to pass over for a console.

BC? They have met their target of over 80%'s 92% BC I believe...would have been better if they had got that upto scratch for the US and Japan, or just said "this is a temporary solution". Actually on the testing of the BC most games with "noticeable issues" hardly had any issues, and some that weren't listed work. So 73% for ps2 games is a safe estimate I think. (I think)

Ludwig: I agree. Logic is the best. I was just saying they have been c*nts to us from the begining, but they see us as an important place for sales, but almost an easy target. SO it's not like we're important in that they care about us, but important in that they care about our wallets. That make sense? I'm not sure it does.

Ludwig4761d ago

Deepbrown, I don't see how your post changes what phoenix said.

Being always like this doens't mean it isn't backwards thinking ..

If europe is the most important, why leaving it for + 4-5 months alone with your rivals? ... there is no benefit .. the only reason would be the other two being priority over it .. meaning more important.

(sorry for the "A + B" logic use. It was needed.)

BoneMagnus4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Excellent point. Sony's actions don't follow their logic. - but like sajj said below - the European market may be the most difficult to secure. Japan is going to outsell the 360 in Japan - that's just a given. In the US, the Playstation brand has established its name as synomonous with videogames - so it may confident about the U.S.

I don't know - I see a long bloody battle - like KU vs. Southern Illionois last night - I'm a KU alum, anf though KU won, like Bill Self said, you can hardly call SIU losers.

I don't care who sells more consoles, I just want it to be close so they keep up the competitive edge and don't get complacent. What I'm most concerned about is the industry as a whole - we need growth. And the whole Wii phenomenon is fascinating. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because comparing the Wii to the 360/PS3 is not about comparing consoles, but comparing different philosophies/approaches to attract/expand the gaming audience.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Well I guess we can stop being your number 1 buyer of games and hardware.

sajj316 nope just an opinion as for this "Man, did you say that to start something?" all you need to do here is show up for that.

sajj3164761d ago

You monkey! He's actually right about Europe being the most important because its the most difficult region to sell because of its diversity. We Americans will buy anything (thus being a consumer nation). Man, did you say that to start something?

Monchichi0254761d ago

I know you Europeans are not seriously going to believe this!!! Sony has sh!tted on you over and over again by treating you like a third class citizen and now is trying to make it sound like they did it out of love!! Hahaha Tell Sony where they should put it!

FeralPhoenix4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

like I said deepbrown how does anything you just said answer my rhetorical question about Europe being their most important continent of the 3? It seems your post did more to confirm exactly the point I was trying to make than deny it.

Sony shipped to the Japan and the U.S. first, obviously because they were expecting huge sales on their "hometurf" and of course because the US has bought more PS1 and PS2 than any other lets not be naive here; if you can't ship to all three simultaneously you ship to your "strengths" first to establish a large fanbase quickly....there are no garuantees as we have seen but thats a solid business strategy, -I don't think theres really even any doubt about that.

I didn't mention price but yes you are correct things always cost more there, but even with the conversion rate its still a little more expensive although I think that has something to do with the way Sony adjusts the price to compensate for the yen to pound fluctuation etc. but either way it ends up being a bigger gap in price.

Also I'm not sure about your BC figures, I've seen alot of different stuff, but lets just say your numbers are totally correct....that still is "LESS" BC than what was originally offered to Japan and America, right? which I think makes Phils comments no more than pure PR spin or at best a weak attempt to tell the Europe fans to "look on the bright side".....but what esle would you expect him to say?

techie4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

No I'm agreeing with you. I'm just saying that it has been no different. SOny have always been noobs to Europe but say they "value us more".

Price- always stupid

Release dates- always later

As regards I said it was their announcements that made them falter. 2 years ago they said they wanted 80% but couldnt get it through software, so panicked and put it in. What they should've said was "temporary solution" but instead said "100% BC". The same BC will be coming to the US and Japan in April.

VG - feral is not the 360 camp - what I think he's getting at is higher price, less functionality. Which is a fair point. But it will be the same in the US and's just their mouths tend to speak a lot of BC (bullcr*p) about things that they know are temporary.

As regards numbers for BC - it is 73% games released in Europe and though some say "noticeable issues" on testing it has been reported that these are not extreme. When the US gets software BC...only 1700 games were released in the US, so the percentage should be better.

I was the most annoyed and angry at the BC problem, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the percentage (i thought it was going to be about a quarter)

VirtualGamer4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Givin the limited amount of PS3's they had when they initially launched in Japan and the U.S. what should they have done? Delay launching everywhere? Launch world wide with what they had making sure everyone was disappointed and the chaos world wide? As to the BC thing are they now not going to stop using hardware for BC in Japan and the U.S. as well now? Did Sony not say that it was their plan all along to use software to insure backward compatibility long term? That the hardware fix was only temporary so the PS3 was not delayed further? How is the Xbox camp allowed to take shots at BC for Sony when their own console does not even come close to what the PS3 can do as far as BC? Its become very apparent to me that Sony is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Deepbrown - Sorry I did not mean to imply that Feral was the Xbox camp. But there are alot of Xbox 360 owners taking cheap shots at Sony over this as they look for any excuse to bash the competition. I guess I have to stop addressing the masses and just respond to the person. Sorry about that Feral.

Oncnawan4761d ago

@ VirtualGamer
"Givin the limited amount of PS3's they had when they initially launched in Japan and the U.S. what should they have done?"

Oh, I don't know...launch in their most important continent?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4761d ago

For the European members that don’t seem to understand where I’m coming from here let’s do this. I’ll change the title so you can understand “America is "most important continent", says Harrison” If I were from China or Europe I just might be offended. Now if the title said something like “Europe is an important continent”, says Harrison” it would be less offensive.

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