PS3 Launch Leaves Parisiens Cold

Outside the Fnac store, right on the large side walk of "la plus belle avenue du monde", security people in red jackets were ready to guard a big line of PS3 lovers. All that was missing was the line itelf. At 8pm, a young man sauntered along. A bevy of cameras and microphones turned to him. But he didn't have anything to say.

Aah Paris in the spring. Sony missed a November launch, but the temperature said otherwise. This might have been a Spring arrival, but there was little evidence of skipping through daffodils. Everyone out of doors in Paris was freezing cold.

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TheMART4766d ago

So Kingboy was the only one that was in his one mans line but he didn't even dare to take a PS3 home because he was afraid of getting robbed...

By who? There was no one dude!

kingboy4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Actually sony made a mistake organising this event by preventing people without proof of credit card from having no access into the area where the ps3 launched.If you didn`t come to buy the ps3 nor had an invitation,you either had to go watch some bluray movies and play a few games leaving,as such leaving majority of the crowd outside the launch areas stock in cold lol!

THAMMER14766d ago

It is getting harder and harder to tell what will become of all this.

techie4766d ago

It is isn't it. Conflicting stories. FUD one side, positive the other. Ahhhh...I think we should wait now.

Raist4766d ago

Launch events for the PS2 were massive. There was even mini riots lol.

Now I think a number of factors explain this difference.

- the PS3 is very expensive

- Sony has very negative press all around, and there was almost NO advertising here in Europe

- For the PS2, the number of consoles available was extremely limited. So many people came to the events to get a chance to grab one. Sony shipped tons of PS3 for Europe, and many people have been able to take preorders. Why would they wait 4h+ outisde, in the cold, to get one then ?

kingboy4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Actually that was the scenario here.Many (including me)felt No need to stay outside in cold winter when you got a secure pre order waiting for you the next far Sony france is reporting more than 60 000 consoles already reserved
2 most common complains were
-Already pre ordered
-Waiting on a price drop

shikwan4766d ago

compared to Microsoft's just flat-out SUCKS! There's no hysteria like there was even IF MS had a healthier supply of consoles.

It's not the games, either. For MS, there was no 'follow-up' title (like Halo 3) which everyone was anticipating, yet there was still hysteria for the console.

But everyone knows what PS3 can do; equal the graphical power of 360, provide substantially less online features and quality, have absolutely no PC connectivity, limit the media device connectivity to a Sony proprietary model (PSP), continually make firmware updates (as if the hardware was put out extremly too early), make public announcements (like a worldwide launch) only to renig on them, and have minimal games that haven't been out for 6 months or more on other sytsms.

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