PGR3 - Style Pack revealed!

Old skool fans rejoice, the Mini returns! The latest downloadable content for Project Gotham Racing 3 is due for release in the coming months but would you like to know what your hard earned Microsoft Points will get you now?

The list in full includes:

365 GTB4 ("Daytona")
Chrysler Firepower Concept
Ferrari 430 Challenge
Gumpert Apollo Coupe 4.2 V8
Mercedes CLK DTM AMG
Pagani Zonda F
RUF R.K. Spyder
Vanwall GPR V12

Schmitty076184d ago

Finally some BMWs. There is a God!!!!

JPomper6184d ago

But the Cooper S can't reach 170mph! BLASPHEMY!

Schmeltz6184d ago

Any pgr fan will dancing around their house because of this, who cares!!, its a freackin mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JPomper6183d ago

Heh, you know they added it for cat and mouse

FamoAmo6184d ago

Finally bought the game a month ago and its tight!! Online racing kicks [email protected]@!! I love this game. I am sick of paying for maps packs and crap for other games so if this cost money count me out!

Lucidmantra6184d ago (Edited 6184d ago )

it will cost points so.... <scratches FamoAmo off the list>

FamoAmo6184d ago

Mortgage, bills, car... ya know more to pay for than just map packs and extra cars!! I already have bought my share for the month!! Great game though!! I think I was racing with you last night.. If you gamertag is similar to what you use here yup I think I did!!

MissAubrey6184d ago

this list is poo. what about Vector?

Islandkiwi6184d ago

In the original pgr you could race minis through the hills of San Francisco. I loved that.