Finger Gaming Review: Oceanic

Finger Gaming writes: "Oceanic comes to us from PastelGames and features a green scuba diving squirrel and three under water stages. Players rack up points by collecting fish and pearls while avoiding deadly squids and wide-eyed snails.

If that sounds pretty basic, it's because it is. Players control their aquatic squirrel by tilting the iPhone. For some reason, this was incredibly hard for me when I first started the game. I kept tilting the opposite way I was supposed to. After I realize I needed to tilt the phone the direction I want the squirrel to move, it was smooth sailing (er, swimming) from there.

Unfortunately, my interest in the game waned as soon as I got proficient with the tilt controls. The gameplay never really changes and I'm never one to play for a higher score. The three stages only offered graphical variety - other than that, they played the same."

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