The state of gaming journalism today

I find it hard to believe that an editor allowed a reviewer to toss such critical info outside of the review like some new drug advertisement hiding the fact that ingestion before sleeping may cause death. This action seems highly suspect, deserving of the cries of 'foul play' that are already circulating on the net, and blatantly irresponsible. It saddens me to think that some people are dropping over $60 for a game (during a recession, no less) that they were tricked into thinking is perfect. We deserve better from our gaming journalists.

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GWAVE4184d ago

Funny how the article right above this one on the main page is from HHG.

rambi804184d ago

maybe they were made an offer they could not refuse...i couldn't help it

FamilyGuy4184d ago

What if the state of the economy WAS the reason for these bloated scores? Meaning journalist want to stimulate the economy by keeping video games sales from plummeting and doing so by telling gamers that certain games are better than they really are.

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UltimateIdiot9114184d ago

The media and game journalism seem to have moved from objective and having a preference to bias spin.

cmrbe4184d ago

sucks period. Wel except for IGN.

PrimordialSoupBase4184d ago

IGN's content reads like a bunch of press releases rehashed by intellectually stunted high school students.

Papacharinonanadan4184d ago

A magazine or website that rates games on a five-star basis isn't going to split hairs on defining different levels of perfection, and it's ludicrous to expect as much. Then again, you can never underestimate the stupidity of the average reader...

Dawn_Of_Ashes4184d ago



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