Oblivion 360 vs PS3 Video

Can you spot the graphical differences between the 360 and PS3 versions of oblivion?

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TheMART4767d ago

So they are already identical, with the PS3 had newer shaders? Only thing I could see is some drawing distance on some parts.

Is this what all Sony fanboys were crying about? The 360 even has some better lighting in parts, plus, the King looks fake at the eyes on the PS3 version. Don't know what they did to that guy but it doesn't look good to me!

And then the 360 even gets it's patch for shaders, lightning etc! I bet after that the 360 version will take the lead then probably.

Nice find this comparing video

Bleyd4767d ago

I looked at the HD video comparison and I could see right off the bat that the detail of the bricks in the dungeon on the PS3 was better. The detail on far away objects was better. There was no loading on the PS3 version where the 360 had a brief second of loading right after they got out of the sewer. There was no visible pop-in of the structure on the PS3 after that hill where the 360 loaded. There was visible pop-in on the 360, though, you can actually see the structure being built from nothing. Makes me wonder just what in the world it was loading when it paused for that brief second when the PS3 had no loading and had no visible pop-in. I saw what you were talking about with the king's eyes and I'd have to say that there's more detail in the texture of the king's face on the PS3 which is why it stands out more than the 360. I saw that there was a difference in the lighting but it just so happens that I liked the lighting on the PS3 better. I also noticed that in the fight scene that there was blood on the enemy's sword from when he hit the guy with it. There was no blood on the enemy's sword in the 360 version from when the guy got hit. Small details like this start to accumulate in general I think.

These are just the things that I noticed. I'm not really that much of a detail person but these things sort of just popped out at me as I watched the video. There are probably plenty of other things that I didn't notice too. Maybe hasn't loaded the patch for the improvements or something. Maybe that patch makes all these things the same on both platforms. Maybe not. I don't know what they used to show this video.

marionz4767d ago

im not trying to get at you but i was just kinda wondering why you hate ps3 so much? i prefer xbox 360 for the games and i think its technically a better console, but i dont hate ps3 and if in the near future it shows its got the potential and the true next gen quality sony claims it has then i may consider getting one
i enjoy games, i know sony doesnt have many at the moment but i still cant say i hate ps3, its just a console
i just wanna know where the seeming resentment for sony comes from i guess
as for oblivion i keep thinking about buying it cos its so cheep now, is it worth playing? the graphics patch makes me wanna play it

FeralPhoenix4767d ago

Why does TheMart feel the need to "bash" the PS3 every chance he gets?, 360 is my preferred console but I don't "hate" the PS3, I admit there are things I don't like about Sony more so than M$, but its not neccessary to "flame" Sony every chance I get, especially over nothing. Mart does make some great comments but he ruins his creditability when he attacks every single thing that has something to do with Sony. As far as the video goes honestly they look identical to me, I'm sure if I watch it a few times and nitpicked every detail, I might actually see the differences.....but why bother? -Its the same "outstanding" game on both systems.

xfrgtr4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

Because Themart feel unsecure about his 360,I feel sorry for him ;and you all keep talking about a GRAPHIC PATCH coming for the 360,there is absolutely no GRAPHIC patch coming.New quests are coming,nothing to do with graphical patch,graphic patch for consoles don't exist because it's impossible to implement, a graphical patch for pc is possible because the game is fully installed in your harddrive.And stop lying there is no graphical patch at,the 360 patches have nothing to do with graphics,you guys are so jealous of the power of the ps3,good luck with your prehistoric hardware

nix4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

must be because of his past experience.

once upon a time, mart was a smart chap. he wanted to buy a console and was wondering what to buy. so he called both the sales executives of sony and xbox360 and took them out for a drink in a hope that they'll help him decide on one.

as the time passed, both the executives got drunk and were out of control. the MS executive decided to go for a sale pitch and gave mart a bj. on the other hand, sony executive thought, "there's no way i'm going to do that, my console is much better and if people want it they'll buy it" and humped poor mart from behind.

since that day, mart has never been the same. q:

either it's this or something else... only mart can tell us. no offence mart!

ronscrote4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

What were you saying about there being no 360 patch? It was released yesterday and it includes all the enhancements from the PS3 version. Check out Bethesda's forums.

As for "graphic patch for consoles don't exist because it's impossible to implement". Well that's just classic, please excuse me while i pee my pants.

candystop4767d ago

I don't think the Mart or any 360 fan feels insecure about purchasing a 360 and not a PS3! Also watch what you say because I to read a couple times back that there is a shader patch on the way that will improve the 360 visuals! You guys can say negative stuff about the Mart all you want but he still isn't as bad as a Sony faithful and actually makes some good points here and there unlike others! If you haven't played this game I would recommend it but all the comparison crap needs to stop because they had a year to improve this game which of course makes a difference!

ronscrote4767d ago


techie4767d ago

Yes interesting to know whether this comparison uses the patch for the 360 or not.? I believe they wanted to get the games comparable...favoritism would be quite a silly mistake non? Actually would it...would 360 owners be offended if the ps3 was given a graphically superior product?

It's clear that in terms of graphics both the 360 and the ps3 can do much better than this. So no need for a mini war here.

marionz4767d ago

was my comment rude? it wasnt meant to just asking because ive had a disagree and a bubble taken and i would like to know what i did to offend?
if it was the question to mart it was out of genuine interest, i would like to know his feelings on ps3 and why he dislikes it and it was not meant in any way as a bash
if the person who obviously thought my comment was meant in a nasty way could let me know that would be great
but at the end of the day this bubble snatching everytime somebody makes a comment is getting silly
if i am genuinly nasty or flameing sure take a bubble but dont take them because you just dont agree with somthing i say, we all have the freedom to think for ourself and i respect others views even if they are different from mine

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rjkc4767d ago

well but the mart makes this site unbearable but there is a few others from sony's side as well its childish and stupid to go on like that

Ravenator5294767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

So I guess the reviews are right. Seems like the same excellent game to me.

As for "The Mart", I'll at least give him credit for being consistent whether you agree with him or not. You always know he's bringing something controversial to the table. Oh the fights between "The Mart" and "DJ" were so fun to read.

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