People in Australia actually did buy some PS3s

Looks like the PS3 drew quite a crowd at the Pitt Street Mall on launch in the land down under (Australia for those who don't live "above" Australia). It doesn't look like people were getting too crazy, but at least it drew a pretty good sized crowd. It only costs like what, eleventy million dollars down there too right?

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DJ5239d ago

Hah, somethin' like that =P

SmokeyMcBear5239d ago

haha yeah that got me laughin too.. i guess its a G australian, not sure how much it is US.

marionz5239d ago

i think its about $1000.00 australian, could be wrong though

calderra5238d ago

$1,200 Aussie, from what I've read.
I apologize personally if Sony doesn't.

Blasphemy5238d ago

Can't believe everything you read about it doing bad down there.