Xbox 360 Elite Preview

Microsoft is said to release a new version of the Xbox 360, called the Elite. It will be black, offer HDMI support (cable included in the box) a larger 120GB hard drive, and will run cooler than the regular 360s. The big question on everyone's mind is, does all this justify the $479 price tag?

Let's take a closer look at the new system,

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marionz4759d ago

now that the black 360 is confirmed will the sales of 360 all but stop? will people just wait till the black version gets released?
as much as i love my 360 i think this could cause MS a few problems, but on the other hand there will probably be people like me who will buy a second xbox anyway, chuck the current one in the bedroom yeah!
i dont really like the black though so ill wait till it comes out in white

Halonator4758d ago

if i had known this was comming i would have waited to buy it. I am going to try to sell mine on ebay when this comes out and if i get a decent price for it i will buy it. plus this should only cost me about 380. if i can get 200 for my box now, i have no problem paying 180 for this

SEAN16174759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

i thought it did, didn't the Zephyr or what ever it was called i swear i saw that? I actually like the black model better,Also hdmi is must, so if the premium is 399 and this is around 470, 70 bucks for hdmi and 120gb hd are worth it to me . Gasp, "Sean1617 is not a fanboy?" The only grip i have with the xbox is Microsoft itself, I ACTUALLY LOVE THE 360, and live, hope they get tekken on the 360 with live. that would be killer.

gogators4758d ago

only 80 dollars more than the current price of the Premium, it isn't that over priced for an added 100 gigs more worth of hard drive space. But when compared to the basic version of the PS3, or even the PS3 premium version, it isn't as great a deal. I'll still get an Elite 360 when I need to change over to HDMI. It's important MS to be including an HDMI cable, which Sony should have done with their premium version.

no_more_heroes4759d ago

good thing I waited. The only thing that I see might cause some problems is the HDMI port. Does the current 360s digital port make it HDMI compatible or something? Maybe release a special cord for it?

ThaGeNeCySt4758d ago

the current 360's cannot use HDMI because of the analog scaler (ANA).. it doesn't output a digital signal. The Elite 360 has a digital scaler (HANA) that will output both analog and digital signals

ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago

I can`t wait to get mine. My girlfriend is getting my modded 360.

Killer Cop4758d ago

Microsoft must be realy pressed these day now when they release a new version of their console. Lol, they had to include HDMI somehow, guess this was the way. And a bigger HDD with a try to push out PS3. Lol. Hell, they even made it look exactly like a PS3, with black style and silver trim! Haha, Microsoft you always surprise me and makes a good laugh.

You guys don't see it? Those who already have the old Xbox 360 have wasted their money, or felt cheated, becaúse now they could get a much better version.

Microsoft are really pressed these days!

ThaGeNeCySt4758d ago

I don't feel cheated... i'm fine with VGA and have yet to go below 8 GB's of harddrive space and i've had my 360 since launch day

gogators4758d ago

has cheated. Every 360 plays the same games, whether you have a core or an Elite when it becomes available. The games play the same. The Elite, barring the extended Hard Drive size, will only appeal to those who feel they need HDMI. People have asked for an HDMI option and MS like a smart company is going to offer that option to it's customers. MS is only providing options for people to Jump In based on their needs.

jp 1174758d ago

exactly how many models of ps2 are there ? like 20 or something and already news of new ps3 models and what about pc,s there is a new pc model out every day .of corse there was eventually going to be a new model of i don't think you know what your talking about

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