Your Views: Your thoughts on the PS3

Despite its $1200 price tag - making it the most expensive games console to hit the market - retailers say the PS3 has had heavy pre-sales well before its official launch today.

Dick Smith merchandise manager James Cunnold said advance sales of PS3 had exceeded that of its predecessors, PlayStation 1 and 2, and rival console Xbox 360

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rowdy 14761d ago

Where do they get $1200. IDIOTS

Contra264761d ago

PS3 will end up like the PSP
Blu-Ray will end up like UMD

level 3604759d ago

It's not worth shelling out more than a thousand aussie dollars for a PS3, when somewhere in Europe ( is it England? ) in a way to say thank you for their patronage, gave the fans out there a free plasma/lcd ( not the large ones of course, but still... ). Also unless they come-out with more game exclusives for the PS3, no one's going to buy an expensive dvd player just to blu-ray movies which are more at the moment than the games.

IPlayGames4759d ago

Since the art is about views and thought heres mine. Its has the next-gen experience covered across the board. Sound and graphics of games, cool DL content (via PSstore), awesome Blu-Ray movies, compatible with my current/future electronics(via memory card slots), ripping function for CDs, [email protected] when im sleep etc.. yea i love my PS3. Thank You sony

IPlayGames4759d ago

oh yea and all this right out the box.