[email protected] PS3 hands-on

Engadget reports: "We fired up [email protected] on our PS3 today to see just how much damage that Cell processor could do to one of them work units. The app is a separate download from that of today's 1.6 firmware, thought the update did land the [email protected] icon inside the "Network" section of the PS3 XMB menu without us having to do a thing. The 50MB download took a few minutes, but after that we were up, running and crunching a work unit in no time. It was also quite easy to join up with Team Engadget -- which is incidentally ranked #32 right now, go team! All the stats and info menu options launch the PS3 browser, which feels a little inconvenient, but at least doesn't get in the way of the [email protected] app doing its thing. Sony predicted the average work unit would take an our to complete, but ours says it's got a good 6-7 hours to go on its first unit, so we're not sure who's in error here, Sony or the prediction algorithm."

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deathtok5239d ago

This is pretty cool. As one user on the site points out the PC is usually alloted between 5000 - 20,000 frames while the PS3 is being given 400,000 frames. It is definitely churning numbers faster.

GEV1L5238d ago

What exactly is [email protected] anyways?// a benchmarking app? someone please enlighten me.

techie5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

It's a scientific project that has been implemented on home computers for a long time. You see it takes forever to compute the growth of human cells and even a supercomputer struggles, so by getting home users to run the software they can speed it up. It basically computes the growth of human cells so we may be able to find cures for illnesses such as cancer.

They say that if most ps3 users run the program they will shorten the research from 2years to 2weeks. Apparently the ps3 is 30times faster at this "folding" than a PC.

"What is protein folding and how is folding linked to disease? Proteins are biology's workhorses -- its "nanomachines." Before proteins can carry out these important functions, they assemble themselves, or "fold." The process of protein folding, while critical and fundamental to virtually all of biology, in many ways remains a mystery.

Moreover, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. "misfold"), there can be serious consequences, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes."

Anego Montoya FTMFW5238d ago

Stanford university is doing molocule research(cure cancer etc.)
[email protected] lets them use the power of your playstation(when it`s on stand by) to help them w/ their research.

Check out their vids of the scientists speaking about exactly what it is.

Do the Right Thing.

techie5238d ago

DO you think SOny will employ that? "Do the right thing, buy a ps3" lol that would be poor.

Raist5238d ago

Do you know [email protected] ? Well it's basically the same idea, except that it uses a network of PC (and now consoles) to crunch numbers for the study of protein folding and misfolding (SETI was for the decoding of space radio signals)

Numbers are very impressive. I've seen several reports from individual gamers saying that it was ~200 times faster than their PC.

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Armyless5238d ago

My PS3 is currently crunching at .08 seconds per frame.

My "GenuineIntel Family 15 Model 4 3.0 GHz Stepping 1 (2 CPUs)dual-processor" PC is crunching at 17 seconds per frame.

That's 212 times faster...

I'm noticing that not every WU is the same, so calculation intensity will vary and more information is needed, but I'll say this much, the first WU on my PS3 was calculating at .0417 so....