5 Rock Bands That Don't Need Their Own Guitar Hero Game

Last summer Guitar Hero: Aerosmith became the first in the series of Guitar Hero games to be primarily devoted to just one band. Guitar Hero: Metallica became the second just a few short weeks ago. The trend is not likely to slow down and there are still many iconic bands looking to capitalize on the success of video games in a struggling music industry. PWN or DIE selected five of those rock bands that they do not feel need their own game.

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Parapraxis4547d ago

I don't think any band "needs" their own Guitar Hero game.
DD works perfectly for downloading songs and it eliminates any need for swapping discs.
Release these featured bands as track packs , at a cheaper cost to the consumer, more profit for the publisher and a more eco-friendly method.

Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Lips and Singstar (which is absolutley notorious for disc based releases that are not neccisary and you are unable to rip to your HDD) should be using their games as PLATFORMS!

NateNater4547d ago

The one game that would kick any other Guitar Hero's ass would be Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin. Why haven't they come out with this yet?

hatchimatchi4547d ago

gh aerosmith was completely unnecessary.