Microsoft crash PS3 Launch Party in France with Xbox 360 Love Boat!

Microsoft shamefully crashed the French PS3 launch event by sporting an "Xbox 360 loves you" boat for PS3 shoppers to take notice of as it made its way down the canal.

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ElementX4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

I think it's a clever idea. MS has some good marketing. Even the commercials are tasteful and not creepy like *cough* PS3.

Those pictures and video footage will probably be in every French newspaper and news broadcast. Maximum audience with minimal cost, much cheaper than other forms of advertising.

BIadestarX4766d ago

Hahaha! Very smart on microsoft's part.

DJ4766d ago

Oh, the desperation. It's only day one of PS3 in Europe, and they're already feeling threatened?

sak5004766d ago

At the London launch event, the first 100 gamers who bought a PS3 received a free 46-inch HDTV and a taxi ride home

techie4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

And that is desperate how? A line of people are all there with cash to buy a ps3...and they give them an hdtv to buy a...ps3? Don't think so. They were already there to buy it mate. If it was known before hand that they'd get a free hdtv then maybe. Christ, I'd be there if they had told us!

But yeah nice one Microsoft. Cheeky devils

consolewar4766d ago

of course you dont thinks so, you are a desperate fangirl yourself. Another point fot the MDF. This has been a terrible week for PS3 a lot of massive damage on some weak points.

TheMART4766d ago


The launch party in Australia only 60 people where there or so, while they accounted, hundreds or thousands ahahha

And now Sony gets pwned at their own launch party?

Strange, Kingboy you said you were @ the launch party in France, but you didn't spoke about this better party there. I bet you were on the boat and not on the party were probably again not many people were right? haha

nix4766d ago

did you just past the same link here again...??? you sure are like the stuck record, aren't you?

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The story is too old to be commented.