Over 2K Loyalists cry over Devil May Cry on Xbox 360

Joystiq reports: "The internet is not a safe place to be, especially when it comes to the gaming industry. Earth-shattering announcements are made, megatons are dropped and the entire gaming community explodes and reconstitutes itself so often that the rest of the internet views it as a sort of radioactive leper who's constantly chasing after a pair of misplaced thumbs. Perhaps that's why, every now and then, we're good for a laugh.

Take this online petition, for instance. Whether it's made in jest or not doesn't really change the fact that it's absolutely hysterical. It seems a group of Devil May Cry fans are extremely upset about the game going to the Xbox 360 and PC in addition to the PS3 -- so much so that they're going to boycott Capcom and not buy either version."

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nix4767d ago

what a bunch of crybabies...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4767d ago

What are they going to do whine to Capcom untill Capcom gives it back? I dont want DMC on the 360 wah wah wah wah boo hoo "babys".

Husso4767d ago

Brand name loyalty.... not bad.

dachiefsman4767d ago

get some tissues and clean up your face fanboys...I am not a fanboy of either 360 or PS3....Its like cartman in south park. Only he can have the newest toy and nobody else then he acts like a child when he finds out that kyle has the same one.

GEV1L4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

One Word:


I mean honestly they should be happy because it will bring in more revenue for Capcom to make either the next DMC, Dead Rising, or even better RE5 a better game. Capcom is not a first party developer so it is very naive to think that they can afford to only support the system that has the highest development costs. Do you think I care that Oblivion is out for ps3. Hell no more people should be able to enjoy that fine game and while I dont like the DMC series I feel the same way about it. If this does end up tarnishing the sales on PS3 and X360 ends up making up for the lost sales, which system do they think that Capcom is going to put more faith in? They already love the amount of cash they have brought in on X360, and if dipsh!t gimped in the head fools like these think this will help they should go back to cornholing themselves.

techie4767d ago

It's as if they cancelled it altogether. Silly. They still get it on their desired console.

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The story is too old to be commented.