The Portable Gamer Review: Zubo

TPG says, "Dance-Off. Battle Game. If ever there were two words that went together, these are not them. Now add a third: RPG. Confused? So was I when I received this little gem in the mail the other day.

Some would call this a bold attempt to build an RPG from atypical elements, including rhythm-based gameplay, complete stylus control and…well, a cute yet deep story line is fairly standard for RPGs."

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Neco5124578d ago

This looks like a very, very, interesting game

bgrundman4578d ago

yeah, if by interesting you mean really weird.

CrAppleton4578d ago

very... very... weird.. But apparently that's a good thing

killyourfm4578d ago

Only The Portable Gamer can pull off phrases like "gender heterogeneity"

supercharger51504578d ago

Ah, yeah, if that screen shot is indicative of the game, I'll pass. It's creeping me out.

CrAppleton4578d ago

So what genre would this fall under??