The 12 games that will define PlayStation 3

If nothing in Sony's impressive launch line up convinced you to even consider parting with your cash, don't fret. There's plenty of exciting titles hovering over the horizon.

Whether you're a racing fan, a shooter fan or just a videogame fan, Games Radar scoped out a dozen incoming and exclusive hits that will make joining the new PlayStation generation a question of when, not if already.

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wildcat4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

It seems like Q3-2008 is going to see a steady flow of cool games from Sony and I like that they have a lot of different titles from KZ2 to Afrika. That's also when they're launching Home too.

SmokeyMcBear4764d ago

variety in gaming? such a great idea don't ya think. Nice load of exclusives coming this year for the ps3

r10004764d ago

No way Smokey.... I just want to shoot shoot shoot shoot in first person mode forver.... DUH....

What's this variety you speak of???


Rasputin20114764d ago

Like a rather solid lineup of games I.M.H.O.

shura4764d ago

they still have pretty good exclusive and more important really original i can't wait for afrika and littlebigplanet