MotorStorm: Arctic Edge contains 8-player multiplayer

Richard Ogden, game director at Bigbig Studios, confirmed in an interview with Pocket Gamer that MotorStorm: Arctic Edge will have a 8 player multiplayer. The game can be played via Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure.

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farhsa20085284d ago

motorstorm rules, i love the ps3 games

Chubear5284d ago

Sony still takes care of gamers that have their PS2 product. Comforting to know I'll still be supported on my PS3 even when the PS4 comes out. Can't really say the same for the other consoles.

Montrealien5284d ago

What other consoles are you referring to chubear? Also I am trying to figure out what this has to do with this great Multiplayer news about motorstorm on the psp.

rockleex5283d ago

Now my friends who haven't upgraded to PS3 yet will be able to experience the awesomeness that is Motorstorm! >:D

Btw, they already experienced Motorstorm Pacific Rift on my PS3 on my 46inch Sony Bravia HDTV. :P

But at least now they'll be able to play it whenever they want on their PS2s/PSPs! ^_^

Montrealien5284d ago

This is great news, cant wait, I love motorstorm!

Man_of_the_year5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

So is this the 3rd motorstorm game for the PS3? is that like 1 a year? If so does that mean that Sony is Milking the Motorstorm franchise? Or since the sales of the motorstorm franchise are so low for each game, this doesn't count as milking...is it only real franchises that are considered milked...like FF, HALO, MARIO, SONIC, GT, GTA, MGS....etc.

Man_of_the_year5284d ago

Ah PSP thanks for the reply. But isn't that still the 3rd installment of an IP that has only been in the market for less than 3 years dispite it being on a seperate platform?

Montrealien5284d ago

If the milk is good, keep on milking. There are good examples of bad milk milking. But I think I could argue that there are more good examples.

I would not worry to much about your typical fanboy (milking) complaint, they dont know sh*t to begin with.

btw, motorstorm is one of the PS3`s strongest franchises imho. The first one was around 3 million sold I think.

xabmol5284d ago


Can't wait to put this COLD b*tch in my PsP an FIRE it up.


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Madeline__2101d ago

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jlove4life2101d ago

Let me smash then I can be your boss


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Derekvinyard133371d ago

Vice city stories was amazing, I remember owning vice city with all prostitution rings lmao

Lord_Ranos3370d ago

That red PSP always looked beast. xD Its games are the best for mobile entertainment. Something the Vita surely needs currently.

trickman8883370d ago

God of War Chains of Olympus over God of War Ghost of Sparter?


DJ-DK7863370d ago

Maybe I should re-play Ghost of Sparta...

Th3o3370d ago

Really great choices but I would've swapped out liberation with Disgaea or a persona game... PES 3 was amazing on vita...too bad there was no free roam:(

DJ-DK7863370d ago

Thanks! Maybe I'll look into having a round with those games, could change my mind. :)

stavrami-mk23370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

monster hunter @ god eater for me