AusGamers Interviews X-Men Origins: Wolverine Project Lead, Dan Vondrack

AusGamers chats to X-Men Origins: Wolverine Project Lead, Dan Vondrack to find out if, like so many other Wolverine and comic-to-game products, Raven's newest entrant will suck.

Vondrack's candid responses and clear passion for the Wolverine character and likeness are great and there's some real insight into the development process of a game like this.

Here's an excerpt:

AGN: Awesome. So did you guys use much source material not related to the movie or the X-Men: Origins series? I mean the Origins stuff is sort of a retelling, and you mentioned you wanted the game to be brutal - did you look at Weapon X at all? That's one of the most highly regarded stories in the Wolverine universe and it's incredibly brutal...

Dan: Yeah for sure. We looked at Origins and I guess, as you said, it's a bit of a retelling so we did have a lot of conflicting feelings about it, you know the Wolverine we grew up with had been retold but there were definitely parts of it we liked. So we took a little from both; the Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X is what we used as our basis to relay who this guy was – you know, let's make a Wolverine before he never went to Japan, never got the training and never got domesticated by the X-Men – this is like that beast that was lurking inside and was just killing and slaughtering those guards and nobody really knew who he was.

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