PS3 fans soak up $20m sale

GAMERS queued in droves outside retail shops across Australia to buy Sony's PlayStation 3 from the stroke of midnight (AEDT).

The much-anticipated release involved more than 500 retailers opening their doors in the early hours.

Many retailers provided free food and entertainment as gaming enthusiasts arrived hours before sales commenced.

Myer at Sydney's Pitt St mall erected a large backdrop and screened the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale, from 10pm.

Customers were also treated to free popcorn and ice-cream.

More than $20 million worth of stock had been ordered by retailers in anticipation of large initial sales similar to when the PS3 went on sale in the US and Japan five months ago.

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FeralPhoenix4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

yeah I read this exact same news but it was posted as a link under another post I had just read, I realized my mistake just a bit too late, sorry for the confusion.....this is actually the same launch event that kotaku covered, right?.... its funny how different the perspective is.

[Edit] vvvvvv,yeah me too, a free HDTV?....OMG!, with a sweet deal like that Sony has made a 100 new "die-hard" fans. -lol, oh and again sorry for the confusion.....sometimes I guess I need to sloooooooow doooooown.

techie4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Yes i thought it was funny the FUD around. But hey what can you do. All fun and games. Wish I was there to get a free hdtv - they arelike £2000!

You know what's stupid though - they didn't tell anybody about it! lol. I would have been on the train two days ago! I guess they just didn't want to give out too many - they gave everybody in the queue one...I bet people who had just come along for the ride bought a ps3 as well though lol. Damn I was going to get a ps3 and hdtv in June...I should've got it last night!