Warhammer Online Game Update 1.2.1

From the Warhammer Website:

"1.2.1 will be going live Thursday, 4/16. All North American servers will be brought down at 7:00 AM EDT with Oceanic servers to follow at 9:00 AM EDT. We expect all North American servers to be back up and running by 1:00 PM EDT, and Oceanic by 3:00 PM EDT."

Read the patch notes and all the details after the jump.

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Chris3995344d ago (Edited 5344d ago )

Took the day off of work to play. It's really quite amazing how much they have refined this game over the past 6 months. New content/ classes/ instances/ rewards.

The medallion purchasing system will be a blessing to many people as well. It's a nice alternative to grinding for epic loot.

Only real downside to this game is that the system requirements are relatively steep to see it in all it's glory. My rig is uber so it's not a problem for me, however, it does limit the userbase.

But man, the game is pretty w/ everything cranked up. They've done a beautiful job with the design.

JohnnyMann4205344d ago (Edited 5344d ago )

As the dude above me said, medallions have been added and so have keep upgrades. This will add a lot to the RvR. Also alot of classes received much needed buffs like the Shaman, Sqig Herder and other destruction classes. Some Order classes were also buffed.

This is a big chunk of goodies.

Chris3995344d ago

Wasn't really necessary. And BW are overdue for a good beating w/ the nerf stick.

But other than that, the game has the most balanced PVP I've ever experienced. A skilled player can almost always kill an over-geared nub - regardless of class.

And large scale PVP battles are awesome too.

JohnnyMann4205344d ago

...and you are right about BWs. PVP is definately awesome in WAR. I recommend WoW and other MMOers to check it out. I think most would be pleasantly suprised.


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Casepbx2711d ago

I still miss City of Heroes.

2711d ago
PurpHerbison2711d ago

I agree when it comes to The Sims Online. That game was really fun and nothing has even come close to it. I still crave a new Sims with online multiplayer. Blows my mind they haven't done anything like that since The Sims Online or even The Sims Bustin' Out on PS2.


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