PlayStation launch is a muted affair

The launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 games console got off to a feeble start last night last night with officials, media and security outnumbering customers for most of the evening.

Over 500 retailers around the country threw open their doors as the clock struck 12:00am, expecting the frenzy that accompanied the games console's overseas debuts.

But most stores were virtually deserted, despite the 20,000 pre-orders Sony said it had received.

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InMyOpinion4760d ago

It's nice to hear no one got shot.

T-Virus4760d ago

It's not NICE to hear that, it should be like that ANYWAY. That's like saying "It's nice to hear that no-one was raped at Nursery today."
But I know what you mean,
To be shot over a console is one of the saddest things I've ever heard.


TheMART4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

If you don't buy a PS3 you won't get shot I guess

"At midnight, about 40 PS3 buyers had arrived to collect their consoles, causing distress for the army of camera crews who turned up expecting to capture launch mayhem."

I guess a not so succesfull launch afteral. It's not selling well in Japan, it's not selling well in USA, so why would Australia and Europe be any different? They won't. Some fanboys will buy it but after that no one likes to pay 600 euro for something that does less gaming then the competition

power of Green 4759d ago

You guys do not have as much FILTH as we do over here.

InMyOpinion4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

good ol' G.W. seems more focused on maiming other countries than taking care of his own. Oil money over human rights. I guess that's what his so called patriotism is all about.

ASSASSYN 36o4759d ago

DVSDFA;DFSAKJSKSAZ OIWJKSA Sorry couldn`t type this article was so funny. Die sony boys. No I retrack that come join me on xbox-live so I can serve death to you repeatedly every day. Respawns are on in my games hahaha.

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Covenant4760d ago

Before passing judgment on this launch. The hardcores showed up at midnight; everyone else may decide to wait till later. Why?

--Many news reports state that supply is plentiful. Why wait all day just to snag one at midnight, when you may be able to find one the next day?

--Pre-orders don't expire immediately. Some people may wait until after school/work lets out before picking their system up.

--Steady supply from Sony: Europeans see supply issues have eased in N. America, so maybe they figure if they miss the launch, they'll still be able to pick one up in a few weeks.

Now, if a few days--or weeks--pass, and sales are still lackluster, then Sony may have the beginnings of a serious problem on their hands.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4759d ago

"Wait a little longer" Here we go again.

borncult4760d ago

I have to agree, here in South Africa,the PS3 launch was also crap compared to the craziness of the Xbox360 launch.I counted about 12 people in total tonight buying a ps3 at the store I attended.And this is at the most popular gaming store in CapeTown.

Kyur4ThePain4760d ago

This whole site is like a discussion forum thread gone bad.

XxZxX4760d ago

ok 20k of 40-60k preorder, that like 30-50% of the stock units already sold. Tell me that's not a good thing???? Well they can not show up as far as SCEA concern, but the sales is there.

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The story is too old to be commented.