Duke Nukem Forever is "back on track" & Multi-Platform

Duke Nukem Forever has seemingly been in production forever. In fact, the long-awaited PC title has been in the hopper for 10 years. While some thought the game might be axed, it appears Duke Nukem Forever is closer to becoming a reality than previously in its long history. In an interview with YouGamers, 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller confirmed that the title was still in development and that significant progress was being made.

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TheFamilyGuy4762d ago

Nice to see that the developers are getting serious and will hopefully get the game out within the next few years.

Covenant4762d ago

Well, if STALKER can make it to Gold status, then anything's possible. Going multiplatform will help defer some of the game's accumulated costs.

Question is, does anyone still care?

Shooters are a dime-a-dozen these days. They'll need something special to make this stand out, as the brand name is no longer what it was ten years ago (unless you count jokes at its expense).

Make it fun, give it over-the-top gameplay, online deathmatch, and maybe you'll win people over.

happygamer4762d ago

duke is the past im wanting the new stuff.

Torch4761d ago

Duke's an icon, bud. Not since those memorable Duke 3D sessions back in the 486 CPU days has there been a more awesome, grittier, and colourful FPS character.

and lest not forget: 3rd generation, hi-res hookers!...woo hoo!..."shake it baby!"

I urge you to check out this game..uh, "when it's done!"

Jakens4762d ago

I still want this game and have been following it for quite some time.

Blasphemy4761d ago

I seriously can't believe this game is still in development. Too Human and this game are taking forever to finish.

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