Top Five Most Overrated Industry People

Peruse any video game forum and you'll stumble across plenty of crazed fans, bizarre and at times scary people that put their idols (in this case, game developers and corporate figureheads) on golden pedestals. While there's nothing wrong with that per se, we wanted to see if these industry folk live up to the hype. Behold, the top five most overrated industry people. Try not to pop a blood vessel.

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Scythesean4760d ago

Dude that picture just puts the worst thought in my head! LOL

OldSchoolGamer4760d ago

Very good article although Peter Molyneux deserves an honorable mention especially if Fable 2 fails to deliver, and I'm already cringing on the gun/sword mix.

Rasputin20114760d ago

Article is great BUT dude the pic is messed.

uuuunvnv24760d ago

that pic is priceless!!!!

FordGTGuy4760d ago

anyone have the original pic send my a pm.

Syko4760d ago

That Mario looks like a great game, And finally a reason to turn my Wii on again. Pretty right on and not to harsh in the criticism, Plus it was something different than the same old stories around here.

Plus the picture is pricless. I hate to comment on it but you kinda have to...That's right baby smile like a doughnut for me,LOL.

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