Giant Bomb: Rock Band Unplugged Gameplay Montage

Rock out on the PSP!

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Roushrsh3843d ago

Its wierd how vocals are played the same as the guitar, drums and bass and I wonder how you do the foot petal part on drums?

Jackel20723843d ago

i just dont see the point. take away the fake plastic interments and it just seems boring

TheColbertinator3843d ago

Looks cool.It won't have the peripherals but I guess its better since I won't have to get anything extra.

vox3843d ago

that's the catch 22
I like not having to buy anything, but I don't like not having any other gimmick to enhance the game
I'd rather play phase personally

Biphter3842d ago

These two games are brilliant. Its very much the same principle. You probably have to "Activate" each instrument by playing good over a set time, then it will play in the back ground whilst you tackle the other instruments.

At some point you'll have to go back to the other instruments to keep them going. Imagine having 4 spinning tops spinning at the same time, at some point they'll slow down and you have to spin them up again... ah you'll understand if you've played any of the above 2 games (also made by the same guys that made Rock Band many moons ago).

Point is, if it is like the above as I suspect, then it will be fun enough to not need plastic instruments.

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