Too Human Update

IGN's Matt have posted an update on Too Human on his blog.

"To be blunt, the game has come a long way and I am confident that even the most critical players will be really impressed with the results. I write this knowing full well the issues the project showed at E3 and I also state that the majority of those issues have been obliterated. The game runs smoothly now. The camera dynamically follows the action, offering the most cinematic viewpoint. The combat allows for dozens of on-screen enemies. Animations are much more fluid and transitions more natural. And for you tech nuts, Too Human is running with four times anti-aliasing, eight light sources per character, soft shadowing, depth of field blur galore, and much more. The engine will wow you. Some of the in-game models are truly incredible."

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coxyefc4759d ago

Cant wait to see more of this game.

consolewar4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Because this is what this game is, anyway after the flop of E3 this game wont sale more than 300k. That's why the Devs were so mad at 1up. Nowdays everybody checks reviews, 1up obliberated this game.

OC_MurphysLaw4759d ago

What did is called a "preview" and not a "review". As I recall a little title known as Halo also had a horrible "preview" and yet look how that turned out.

Too Human had a shakey start but luckily they have been given the gift of time to fix many of problems that were seen. Now that doesn't mean its a great game...but certainly it still has the ability to be one.

power of Green 4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

How can you be so sure?, why would anybody claim what this dude is saying after E3. Such anger and hate TH's gameplay will put Heavenly Swords to shame watch! attack me all you want i'm offten right, and the amount of my bubbles prove it.

Who every dissagreed! with my post have you done any reading on this game? did you even read this story?. The RPG element will own all by itself; then you add the story and the advanced fighting system and you have something untouchable. Do you know how many millions of people are are waiting for this game? due to the story alone based on the myth.

Whoooop4759d ago

Sooo now the less bubbles the more truth on your comments??


power of Green 4759d ago

If i cared about bubbles i would be sugar coating every comment i make. My straight forward non sugar coated opinions are the reason i have no bubbles. It's nice that you care enough to worry about what im posting.

Pay attention!.

Rasputin20114759d ago

but after that awful showing at E3.....I dunno man...this title is gonna have to show me something that will possibly change my mind.

Skynetone4759d ago

i have concerns about this game after seeing the bad footage at e3

Wait and see i guess

ryanjtravis4759d ago

Cool to hear that - the game was looking a shambles. Honestly I almost didn't even open the link because I was thinking, "ugh".

But the IGN fellow seems pretty impressed, and he's rekindled my interest. Looking forward to some gameplay vids.

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The story is too old to be commented.